Dig Me Out: Music We’re Thankful For

Thanks to the guys at Dig Me Out for inviting me to join a roundtable discussion about music I was thankful for in 2020. My choices weren’t obvious ones (ie – ones that are ending up on every other list) but they also aren’t the least bit obscure. I’m working on putting together a list to post here but in the meantime, check out Dig Me Out – Episode 517 – wherever you download podcasts from or just click the link.

Dig Me Out Podcast

Pretty simple mission statement from Tim and Jason, the hosts of the Dig Me Out podcast: “Revisiting the college & alternative rock of the 1990s, one album at a time.”

The duo are only 4 episodes in, but have already covered one of my favorite albums from that time period, Seed’s Ling. A few years ago, I was able to dig up a little bit of information on what the guys did after Seed’s breakup (check out links here).

Here’s this week’s Dig Me Out Podcast.

Listen Now:

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Next week’s podcast is going to feature an album very near and dear to my heart, Triple Fast Action’s Broadcaster and Tim and Jason may just have a special guest dropping in to offer some thoughts.

Contrast Podcast: The arse

There seems to be a running theme to my contributions to Tim Young’s Contrast Podcast – I try to sneak The Damnwells in any time I have the chance. When this week’s theme was announced via email last week – “Next week we will be continue our tour of the body with a necessary visit to The arse” – I tried to figure out what I could submit. Of course, the first thought that came to mind was The Damnwells “Asshole” though now, after thinking about it, Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” would have also been a great pick (I can’t believe NOBODY submitted that song).

Anyway, stream it here or download for enjoyment at a later date.

Added bonus: Alex Dezen of The Damnwells posted his acoustic take of the song (on my birthday, as a matter of fact) on his YouTube account. This version is much different than the one you’ll hear in the podcast.

Contrast Podcast: Best of 2009 so far (part 2)

Always hard to pick a single “best” song of the first quarter but when picking something for the latest Contrast Podcast, I kept going back to Jason Lytle’s “Brand New Sun”. I was a casual fan of Grandaddy’s, own a few CDs but before a year or two ago couldn’t have named any of the band members nor would I have recognized the guys if they were walking down the street. But when given the opportunity to interview Jason for the next issue of The Big Takeover, I really dove deep into his new album – which comes out in May – and it’s “Brand New Sun” that I instantly picked out as a favorite.

Check out all the picks of various bloggers for “Best of 2009 so far.”

You can also download the podcast and listen at your leisure. If you like “Brand New Sun,” you can download it for free over on Amazon.com.

SXSW ’09 podcast: Bloggers Are Now in Charge

One of my biggest regrets from this year’s SXSW was not being able to hear my good friend (and boss @ Donewaiting.com) Robert Duffy speak on the “Bloggers Are Now in Charge” panel. I was supposed to interview the Meat Puppets at the same time (it ended up not happening until the next day) so I missed out. But thanks to the folks at SXSW, they’ve made an MP3 available of the session so I’ll be loading it up on the iPod tonight and giving it a listen.

Other panelists for the session included: Glenn Peoples (Coofer.com), Justin Gage (Aquarium Drunkard), Bill Pearis (BrooklynVegan.com), and Janet Timmons (Out the Other.com).

Download it here.