Flashback Friday – Helloween – “Halloween”

Summer’s not even here yet but I’ve had Halloween on the mind this week. I miss staying up late on Saturday night to watch Headbanger’s Ball and while hair metal was my favorite, every once in a while I’d catch a video by a band that was heavier than what I usually listened to. Helloween’s got a classic power metal sound, one that nearly 30 years later still sounds so great.

Flashback Friday: Santana – “Hope You’re Feeling Better”

I’ve been referencing Santana a lot in recent reviews I’ve written (Howlin Rain, Radio Moscow, Bravo Johnson, etc.) figured I might spend a little time listening to the guitarist.

Starting off with his greatest hits, this is the song that stuck out.

I don’t really have any interest in modern Santana stuff, but will keep digging into his early stuff.

Flashback Friday: For Love Not Lisa – “Soft Hand”

Next week I’ll be joining Tim and Jay as they record a new Dig Me Out podcast episode. We’ll be reviewing arguably one of my favorite CDs ever … EVER … not just of the ’90s, which is the era the podcast focuses on. Can’t wait to hear what those two think about For Love Not Lisa’s Merge!

The episode should be available for download sometime in mid April. I’ll post a link here once it’s ready.

Flashback Friday – Sugar – “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”

In honor of Sugar performing their 1993 album Copper Blue from start to finish at SXSW tomorrow night, here’s “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”.

Bob Mould was just interviewed on SiriusXM U live at SXSW and mentioned that Sugar might do some more Copper Blue dates this year.

Bring it on, Mr. Mould!