Photos: John Corabi (ex-Motley Crue, The Scream, Union) – Columbus, Ohio – 2.13.12

Sometimes it’s sad to see guys who had a fleeting glimpse of glory milk it for all it’s worth. Like, I’m sure there is an ex-member of The Bulletboys or Britny Fox – a member who never appeared on any recorded material, especially not when those bands were signed to major label deals – booking shows at this very moment either as a solo act or with a new band and using their resume to secure a small guarantee from a club owner.


John Corabi is NOT one of these guys – he’s a got a legitimate resume including fronting The Scream (“Man in the Moon”, “Father Mother Son”), Union (with Kiss’s Bruce Kulick on guitar), ESP, Ratt (he’s toured off-and-on again since 2000 with the band as rhythm guitarist). But what Corabi is best-known for is stepping into Motley Crue as the lead singer after Vince Neil left in ’92. While his tenure was short (he recorded one full length with the Crue in ’94, a self-titled effort), the band produced a few memorable songs (“Hooligan’s Holiday”, “Power to the People”, “Driftaway”). With this extensive resume, Corabi’s got a catalog of hits to perform live and last week he hit Ohio with 4 shows in cities like Wapakoneta, Akron, Martin’s Ferry and Columbus.

I caught the Columbus show, at the Bethel Road Pub, on Monday night. This tour consisted of Corabi touring with just an acoustic guitar so each night was an intimate, storytelling-type affair with a guy who’s not shy. While the songs he performed throughout the night were great – and represented his entire body of work – the stories were just as good, Corabi talking about meeting Aerosmith, about writing songs after his girlfriend left him when he lost his Crue gig, about hearing himself on the radio for the first time.

To get an idea of what Corabi sounded like, check out this live cover of Aerosmith’s “Seasons of Wither” from Route 33 Rhythm and Blues (Wapakoneta, Ohio) as recorded by my buddy Dewey.

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Drive-By Truckers played a surprise show in Cleveland

Due to Tom Petty guitarist Mike Campbell’s illness, the Cleveland stop on Petty’s tour was postponed but that didn’t stop openers Drive-By Truckers from performing a not-so-secret secret show at Cleveland’s tiny Beachland Tavern last night.

DBT’s Patterson Hood posted the following:

“The last time we played the Tavern Room at The Beachland Ballroom, Cooley tried to punch me out, smashed a guitar and threw the remains of it at Brad then proceeded to tear down the stage. (Feb. 2002).

They had to rebuild the stage the next morning.

We had an awkward breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Our show with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Blossom Music Center was postponed due to Mike Campbell’s illness (GET WELL SOON!!!)

We have been bummed and sad and needed to ROCK.

Our good friends at The Beachland invited us to come see our friends The Old 97’s play and we asked if we could maybe give that small stage one more try.”

Guess it beats sitting in a hotel room and watching free HBO. My old concert-going buddy Chris Ricca reported that band performed a 3-hour sweaty set, a far cry from the 45 minutes they were supposed to play at Blossom Music Center as Petty’s opening act.

Thanks for the pictures, Chris!

Photos: Tame Impala – Columbus, Ohio – 6.15.10

Tame Impala has just a handful of dates left supporting MGMT (along with a few headlining dates in small club) before heading back to Australia. Last night they played under the hot Ohio sun at Lifestyles Community Pavilion in front of a sold-out amphitheater crowd and mesmerized said crowd with their trippy, ’70s psychedelic-meets-dance-rock sound. I had the chance to interview Kevin (vocals/guitar) and Jay (drums) for about 30 minutes in their budget hotel room before the show for an interview that will show up in the next week or so both here and on

Setlist from Columbus, Ohio show:

1. Intro
2. Desire Be Desire Go
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. Alter Ego
5. Lucidity
6. Jeremy’s Storm
7. Solitude is Bliss / Skeleton Tiger
8. Half Full Glass of Wine

Tame Impala
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Photos: The Entrance Band / Nebula

Word on the street was that The Entrance Band wasn’t to be missed and, truth be told, I was interested just to see the new band Paz Lenchantin (ex-A Perfect Circle, Zwan) was playing in. The crowd at the Ravari Room wasn’t as big as I expected it to be (what? the preview I wrote didn’t bring out the masses?) but those who ventured out “early” (The Entrance Band went on around 10:45pm) were treated to a performance that will not be forgotten. The Entrance Band doesn’t exactly wow with their stage presence but it was the music that blew 90 or so of us away. It’s trippy, hippie stoner rock from the ’70s as played by instruments and technologies from the ’00s and was memorizing to watch/listen to.

Nebula kicked some ass as well – that’s who a majority of the crowd was there to see and it’s pretty obvious that while some of the band members may be somewhat new, the Nebula sound (spacey/stoner funk grooves) has been well crafted over the course of the band’s 10 year history.

More photos of The Entrance Band and Nebula after the jump

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