Justify Your Existence: Arlo

Up High in the Night(2001)
Stab the Unstoppable Hero(2002)

Must have gotten these two Arlo releases from a SubPop publicist. I’d have to go back and look at SubPop’s catalog releases during the early 2000s to see just how these fit into the stuff the label was putting out. Seems to me that it was between the mid-90s grunge/punk stuff and the later 2000s bearded folk stuff.
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New feature: Justify Your Existence

I’ve got one of those CD shelving units that holds 1,000 CDs and for years it’s been full. Every once in a while I go through a cleanse and trade-in, sell, or simply throw away CDs that I haven’t listened to in years and know that I’ll probably never listen to again. But for every CD that leaves the shelves, another one that has been housed in a cardboard box or in a pile next to the shelves, takes it place.

As a way to start listening to some of those CDs that haven’t been listened in years, I decided to start a new feature called Justify Your Existence. I’ll give a CD a listen, write a short review/thought/opinion about it, and then decide whether or not it’s earned the right to stay on the shelves or if it goes into a box to dispose of.

The CDs will be randomly chosen off the shelves and I’m hoping to get through a few every week. The first Justify Your Existence CDs have been chosen and listened to and their fate will be revealed this week.

Thanks to Metal Rob for the feature name.