Contrast Podcast: Best of 2009 so far (part 2)

Always hard to pick a single “best” song of the first quarter but when picking something for the latest Contrast Podcast, I kept going back to Jason Lytle’s “Brand New Sun”. I was a casual fan of Grandaddy’s, own a few CDs but before a year or two ago couldn’t have named any of the band members nor would I have recognized the guys if they were walking down the street. But when given the opportunity to interview Jason for the next issue of The Big Takeover, I really dove deep into his new album – which comes out in May – and it’s “Brand New Sun” that I instantly picked out as a favorite.

Check out all the picks of various bloggers for “Best of 2009 so far.”

You can also download the podcast and listen at your leisure. If you like “Brand New Sun,” you can download it for free over on

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