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I never got into ’80s DC punk so the references to Fugazi and Rites of Spring don’t mean much to me but Never Young’s definitely got a ’90s vibe and I hear Seaweed, Superchunk and For Love Not Lisa in the band’s sound. Really digging “Like a Version” from the band’s debut 3-song EP though the video is a bit creepy.

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Here’s some things I listened to last week. Feel free to tell me what you listened to by leaving your list in the comment section below.

No Age
Saw these guys open for Pavement a few weeks back, can think of a few different ways to describe them:

1) “Like Times New Viking but with tuned instruments”
2) “Nirvana covering My Bloody Valentine”

Stream the new CD here.

Bad City
Love it when kids play homage to ’80s glam rock – sounds a bit like Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) fronting a heavy Winger. These guys have already toured with KISS, Slash, and The Smashing Pumpkins this year. I’m kind of hoping they don’t blow up and wind up playing in the hard rock/cover bar in the strip mall a few miles from my house sometime before the year is over.

My compatriot over at The Big Takeover, Matthew Berlyant, reviewed the Forgetters EP this week and thus turned me onto a band I didn’t even realize existed. How I missed this band, I’ll never know as it features Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil fame.

LA Guns
A last minute LA Guns show was booked this week at the same club that I’m hoping Bad City will play 🙂 This version of LA Guns features founding member Tracii Guns (guitars) and Jizzy Pearl (ex-Love/Hate, Ratt). I pulled out the self-titled LA Guns debut to get in the mindset for the upcoming show (photos/review to come later this week).

Still one of my favorites of 2010. These guys are currently on tour with Guster so check ’em out if they’re coming to your town.

in my ear videos

Here’s some things I listened to last week. Feel free to tell me what you listened to by leaving your list in the comment section below.

The Gracious Few
Candlebox singer backed by members of Live in a Zeppelin-sounding band. Much better than I would have thought based on description alone.

The Posies – Blood/Candy
As with other bands, my favorites Posies CD is the first one I heard by the Seattle power-pop band, Frosting on the Beater. But, after years of making The Posies their second and third priority, Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow have reunited and put out an album that holds it’s own against Frosting on the Beater. Can’t wait to see these guys on tour (w/ Brendan Benson and Aqueduct) in November.

Kelly Kneiser
This is the first solo recording from Glossary member Kelly Kneiser. She doesn’t fancy herself a songwriter so all the songs on this EP were written and donated by friends but Kelly delivers the charming vocals providing further evidence why she’s the secret weapon in the band led by her ex-husband Joey. The EP is available for free over on Glossary’s website.

The Organ Beats
Another freebie – not sure how long this will last so grab now if you’re interested – The Organ Beats are led by ex-Damone frontwoman Noelle LeBlanc. While Damone also flirted with an ’80s hair metal sound, The Organ Beats are a bit more straight-up rock with just a small dash of pop … probably a more marketable sound than Damone. (Click on “Buy” below and name your own price for the CD)

<a href="">SLEEP WHEN WE ARE DEAD by The Organ Beats</a>

Massy Ferguson
Remember the early Son Volt material, the stuff when Jay Farrar had just split from Uncle Tupelo and was trying to make a name for himself as a solo artist? Massy Ferguson remembers that and their second full length, Hard Water (out on Oct.19), is a hearty tribute to the sounds of bands like Son Volt and Drive-By Truckers. Sample tracks on Massy Ferguson’s website (the player is on the top of the page – I highly recommend starting with “Long Time No See”).

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Here’s some things I listened to last week. Feel free to tell me what you listened to by leaving your list in the comment section below.

The Henry Clay People
Seems like an odd choice to be the opening act on the upcoming Drive-By Truckers tour but that’s what they are doing for most of September and October.

The Wildbirds
Found their 2007 CD Golden Daze in the dollar bin at Half-Price Books, definitely worth a buck (and more!). Kind of a rawer/bluesier Kings of Leon.

The Dollyrots
More to come on The Dollyrots show that I attended earlier this week but I’ve been playing their new CD, A Little Messed Up, non-stop around the house for the last week or two. My kids have caught The Dollyrots bug and my youngest knows more of the words to the songs than I do!

“Rock Control” by The Dollyrots, filmed at Skully’s in Columbus, Ohio on August 30, 2010. Intro by my 5-year-old, Piper.

Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since Cowboys from Hell was released. The massively influential CD is getting the deluxe reissue treatment later this month with a 3-CD package that includes a bunch of live material and a disc full of demos (some of which are early versions of songs that would later be released). Seriously, how incredibly bad ass – even 20 years later – are songs like “Cowboys from Hell”, “Primal Concrete Sludge”, and “Domination”?

Bruce Springsteen – “I’m On Fire”
Not really sure why I had this song in my head all week but I love Springsteen when he’s a little bit darker/somber.

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On tour this summer to promote a brand new album (their first in 10 years), Ratt rolled into Columbus on Friday night to play what I’m calling an “economical” set lasting about 75 minutes. Rumors are that things haven’t been great in the Ratt camp, especially with drummer Bobby Blotzer releasing a “tell-all” book a few months ago that cast some negativity on the band and, in particular, lead singer Stephen Pearcy. I will say that it was awesome hearing some arena rock classics (“You in Love”, “Lay it Down”, “Wanted Man”, “Round and Round”, etc.) in the intimacy of an (sold-out) 800-person venue. Highlight for me, actually, was seeing Carlos Cavazo (ex-Quiet Riot) serving as second guitarist.

Local (Columbus) band that has been inactive for 5 years due to a couple of the guys in the band settling down and having kids. In 2005 they had started a new album but broke up before it was finished. Earlier this year Kopaz decided to complete work on the album (about 85% was already recorded and mixed) and they held a CD release party this past weekend. Think Sunny Day Real Estate meets Juno meets Shiner.

Download: Kopaz – “Teeth Like Cities”

Climber – The Mystic
Can’t get enough of this one. This Portland band reminds me of The Standard (maybe not so coincidentally from Portland as well). The vocals are a bit nervous sounding, a bit shaky, a bit paranoid. The first track on the new album – “The Simians Speak” – sounds like an MGMT song. Here’s the thing, I have NO IDEA how/where you can buy this – the publicist sent me a copy (maybe it’s not available yet … I haven’t checked iTunes yet). Definitely one worth tracking down if you can.

Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart
The new album is due in stores in mid-September. I’m a little late to the party but if you’re into Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Black Angels, Verbena, this’ll make your “Best of 2010” list.

Guns N Roses – Revisited EP
I’ll let the site that posted this EP explain what it is: “DJ 5agge has combined Axl Rose’s vocals from Chinese Democracy with tracks from Velvet Revolver (featuring Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner) and Slash’s new solo album. You can tell by these remixes that a new album from Axl and Slash would totally rock and would beat anything either has done post 1993.” I’m not really sure this is what a 2010 original line up Guns N’ Roses would sound like but I concur that it’s better than anything Axl or Slash have done in 17 years.

DOWNLOAD: Guns N Roses – Revisited EP

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