Contrast Podcast: Live versions

Guess the title of this week’s Contrast Podcast pretty much sums up what it’s all about. My entry – The Swell Season’s cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” – can be heard at the 43 minute and 54 second mark.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Live versions

And here’s a video of the song being performed live in Columbus, Ohio on Sept. 22, 2008.

Contrast Podcast: Festive 50

I contributed to Tim Young’s Contast Podcast throughout 2007, including his year end ‘Festive 50’ podcast in which contributors nominated and voted on their favorite songs of the year. A few of the songs that I voted for made the list and Tim asked me to introduce two of them – “Home” by Great Northern (#38) and “An End Has a Start” by Editors (#18).

As you might expect, the ‘Festive 50’ podcast (split up into 3 parts) is chock full of the best songs of 2007. Even if you’ve heard many of the songs, it’s still worth checking out because each song has a unique intro.

Download: Contrast Podcast – ‘Festive 50’ Part 1 (songs 37 – 54)
Download: Contrast Podcast – ‘Festive 50’ Part 2 (songs 19 -36)
Download: Contrast Podcast – ‘Festive 50’ Part 3 (songs 1 – 18)

Contrast Podcast: Random Shuffle

Episode 85 of Contrast Podcast has been uploaded by Tim Young with this week’s theme being “Random Shuffle”. The rule was simple: hit the shuffle button on your MP3 player (or iTunes or CD player or whatever you use to listen to music) and then send it to Tim along with an intro. My iRiver landed on “Keep Us in Stitches” by Fiver. I was a little nervous considering I know some of the stuff that’s on my MP3 player probably wouldn’t be real popular with the kids who listen to the Contrast Podcast each week! And, to be honest, I’m really surprised there weren’t more embarrassing tracks on the podcast – I guess either people got lucky or maybe they don’t have any guilty pleasures loaded up.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Random Shuffle

Podcasts – Patradio / Contrast Podcast

Got a couple of podcasts to suggest. Pat, of, does a really nice job featuring local (Columbus, Ohio) talent on his podcasts while mixing in some national/international stuff towards the tail end of the show. Pat posted episode #90 this week and it is of particular interest to me because Ash and Matt of the band The Hot Damn (who I wrote about a few months ago) are the special guests and talk a little bit about their band and about the label they started called Merit Badge Records.

Download episode #90 now and while you’re at it, download the Merit Badge compilation that came out in June featuring some amazing homegrown talent such as the Woosley Band, This is My Suitcase, Lydia Loveless, and Gretchen King.

Now, onto Contrast Podcast. Tim posted episode #80 with the theme of “Short Songs”.  All the songs had to be under 2 minutes long. I had a few favorites to choose from but decided to submit “Grind Like a Girl” by U.S. Rail, a now-defuct band featuring my friends Aaron and Beth. Seriously, whenever I put together mix CDs, I always try to include this song because it’s a minute and a half of sheer brilliance.

Download the “Short Songs” episode of Contrast Podcast. If you like “Grind Like a Girl”, let me know and I’ll post the MP3 here.