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Got a couple of podcasts to suggest. Pat, of Patradio.org, does a really nice job featuring local (Columbus, Ohio) talent on his podcasts while mixing in some national/international stuff towards the tail end of the show. Pat posted episode #90 this week and it is of particular interest to me because Ash and Matt of the band The Hot Damn (who I wrote about a few months ago) are the special guests and talk a little bit about their band and about the label they started called Merit Badge Records.

Download episode #90 now and while you’re at it, download the Merit Badge compilation that came out in June featuring some amazing homegrown talent such as the Woosley Band, This is My Suitcase, Lydia Loveless, and Gretchen King.

Now, onto Contrast Podcast. Tim posted episode #80 with the theme of “Short Songs”.  All the songs had to be under 2 minutes long. I had a few favorites to choose from but decided to submit “Grind Like a Girl” by U.S. Rail, a now-defuct band featuring my friends Aaron and Beth. Seriously, whenever I put together mix CDs, I always try to include this song because it’s a minute and a half of sheer brilliance.

Download the “Short Songs” episode of Contrast Podcast. If you like “Grind Like a Girl”, let me know and I’ll post the MP3 here.

2 comments on “Podcasts – Patradio / Contrast Podcast

  1. I enjoyed your US Rails song on CP this week and as you suggested: rewound, listened again, rewound again, listened again. Nice pick 🙂

  2. Thanks for the linkage. Matt and Ash are nice kids, and I’m really looking forward to the Hot Damns full-length and other Merit Badge offerings.

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