Contrast Podcast: Kings and Queens

The theme of this week’s Contrast Podcast compiled by Tim Young is “Kings and Queens”. Lots of cool songs were submitted by web celebrities such as Heather (I Am Fuel, You Are Friends), Ross (Just Gimme Indie Rock), and The Duke of Straw (The Late Greats). I would, of course, recommend listening to the ENTIRE podcast but if you want to hear my contribution (Helicopter Helicopter’s “Talented Socialities”), fast forward to the 41 minute mark.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Kings and Queens

Contrast Podcast: Musicians introduce their own songs (5)

I’ve contributed a few times in the past to Tim Young’s excellent Contrast Podcast, a podcast that Tim hosts but that relies on submissions by people from around the blogosphere. The idea is simple – every week Tim tosses out a theme (example: “Songs about Monkeys”, “Songs that start with the letter A”, “Covers that are better than the original”) and then opens it up for people to submit songs along with 30 to 60 second intros for the song. Once he’s collected 60 minutes worth of music and intros, he stops taking submissions and puts everything together into a handy dandy lil’ podcast that he posts every Tuesday.

The theme he threw out last week was “Musicians introduce their own songs” (this was the 5th time he’s opened up this podcast to musicians) and the latest Contrast Podcast has been posted.

DOWNLOAD: Contrast Podcast – Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs

While I can’t guarantee there is still room on next week’s podcast (theme – “Kings and Queens”), I plan to submit a song later this week and if it gets used, I’ll post a link when it’s put up on Tim’s site (hell, I’ll put up a link even if my song doesn’t make it).