New Kevin Tihista (ex-Triple Fast Action, Veruca Salt) CD coming in 2012

Following up the last post about Cardinal, Kevin Tihista’s definitely an artist in the same genre – orchestral pop music that music geeks freak out over. Tihista got his start as the bass player in Capitol Records band Triple Fast Action. After that band broke up, Tihista lent his talents to Veruca Salt (post-Nina Gordon) though he didn’t last long before embarking (much to my surprise … didn’t know he had it in him) on a solo career that spawned 5 full length recordings between 2001 and 2005.

For somebody so prolific, the lack of new material since 2005 has been somewhat surprising. A few years ago Tihista sent me some demos, saying that he had albums worth of stuff written and ready to record but then he killed off his Facebook account and I haven’t heard from him since.

Broken Horse Records out of the UK recently announced that Tihista’s latest, sure-to-be, opus, On This Dark Street, has been completed and is being mastered with the goal of releasing the album in early 2012. The label posted “Bats” from the new CD on Halloween (ah, how fitting!).

Dig Me Out Podcast

Pretty simple mission statement from Tim and Jason, the hosts of the Dig Me Out podcast: “Revisiting the college & alternative rock of the 1990s, one album at a time.”

The duo are only 4 episodes in, but have already covered one of my favorite albums from that time period, Seed’s Ling. A few years ago, I was able to dig up a little bit of information on what the guys did after Seed’s breakup (check out links here).

Here’s this week’s Dig Me Out Podcast.

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Next week’s podcast is going to feature an album very near and dear to my heart, Triple Fast Action’s Broadcaster and Tim and Jason may just have a special guest dropping in to offer some thoughts.