The Promise Ring reunion underway

Friday night, The Promise Ring performed a sold-out reunion gig (first in seven years) in Milwaukee. Whether or not a full-scale reunion tour will take place remains to be seen but there are a small (very small) handful of 2012 dates already planned – NJ and NYC (May 19, May 20), San Francisco (September

Check out the show reviews at and ThirdCoast Digest.

Related: The AV Club presents an oral history of The Promise Ring including interviews with band members, publicists, booking agents, etc. The band is very upfront and honest – Davey Von Bohlen even admits that the band members didn’t get along in the early days. And, just for fun, here’s an interview I did with the band in 1999. Still a good read (in my humble opinion) 13 years later.

Who else wants the Promise Ring to reunite and tour?

If the Dismemberment Plan can do it, The Promise Ring can too. Davey and Dan have a new Maritime CD coming out this fall and they’ll spend the rest of the year promoting that but by next summer, the time should be right.

(A Promise Ring reunion tour doesn’t sound too encouraging based on some comments singer Davey von Bohlen made a few months ago, but who know?)