The Dismemberment Plan was on TV

To promote the re-issue of 1999’s Emergency & I, The Dismemberment Plan have reunited for a handful of shows. All the U.S. shows are sold out and according to the band, there won’t be any more dates due to everyone’s schedules being a bit crazy. Fortunately, the D-Plan did show up for a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where they performed “The City” and “What Do You Want Me to Say?” So far, only “The City” has shown up on YouTube. Here it is.

And, for fun, I pulled up an interview I did with D-Plan bassist Eric Axelson back in early 2000.

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Who else wants the Promise Ring to reunite and tour?

If the Dismemberment Plan can do it, The Promise Ring can too. Davey and Dan have a new Maritime CD coming out this fall and they’ll spend the rest of the year promoting that but by next summer, the time should be right.

(A Promise Ring reunion tour doesn’t sound too encouraging based on some comments singer Davey von Bohlen made a few months ago, but who know?)