The Promise Ring reunion underway

Friday night, The Promise Ring performed a sold-out reunion gig (first in seven years) in Milwaukee. Whether or not a full-scale reunion tour will take place remains to be seen but there are a small (very small) handful of 2012 dates already planned – NJ and NYC (May 19, May 20), San Francisco (September

Check out the show reviews at and ThirdCoast Digest.

Related: The AV Club presents an oral history of The Promise Ring including interviews with band members, publicists, booking agents, etc. The band is very upfront and honest – Davey Von Bohlen even admits that the band members didn’t get along in the early days. And, just for fun, here’s an interview I did with the band in 1999. Still a good read (in my humble opinion) 13 years later.

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  1. Danger said:

    oh shit! rad!

    March 3, 2012

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