Thenewno2 (George Harrison’s son) releases The Fear of Missing Out on Tuesday

Dhani Harrison will never be able to live down the comparisons to his father just as Sean and Julian were unable to ever be reviewed without the mention of John Lennon’s name. And, on the first release, “Make it Home”, from Thenewno2’s sophomore release, The Fear of Missing Out, Dhani does indeed sound like his father though the band’s music is more modern day Radiohead (with electronic and dubstep elements) than classic era Beatles.

The Fear of Missing Out will be released on July 31 and Thenewno2 will be performing at Lollapalooza next weekend.

Video: Mini Mansions – “Kiddie Hypnogogia”

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Michael Schuman: “Hey, Josh, listen … I know we’re taking a little break from Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve been dipping into your ‘Magical Mystery’ weed and writing these fun little pop songs.”

Josh Homme: “Right on, brother. Think we could drive out to the desert, jam on the songs and make ’em a little more fuzzy than poppy?”

Michael: “Um … you’re the boss man, but I’d kinda like to release them on my own.”

Josh: “Right on, brother. Right on.”

Not sure if this is a side project or a full-time gig that bassist Schuman will dedicate his time to when QOTSA is inactive, but the Mini Mansions self-titled debut CD is a great sounding, mildly Beatles-esque pop affair with very small, small stoner-rock hints (imagine taking Homme’s bass parts and running them through an elevator-music generator).

Mini Mansions, the CD, was released this week on Homme’s Rekords Rekords. Listen to it, in full, here.