Thenewno2 (George Harrison’s son) releases The Fear of Missing Out on Tuesday

Dhani Harrison will never be able to live down the comparisons to his father just as Sean and Julian were unable to ever be reviewed without the mention of John Lennon’s name. And, on the first release, “Make it Home”, from Thenewno2’s sophomore release, The Fear of Missing Out, Dhani does indeed sound like his father though the band’s music is more modern day Radiohead (with electronic and dubstep elements) than classic era Beatles.

The Fear of Missing Out will be released on July 31 and Thenewno2 will be performing at Lollapalooza next weekend.

“Paranoid Android” gets covered again … and again …

Did Weezer start this “Paranoid Android” cover madness? Not sure why, but as of late this song has been popping up all over the place including a pretty cool YouTube mashup version where dozens of people recorded themselves playing the song and then somebody taking bits and pieces of each performance and making one video out of it.

A few weeks ago I checked out Matthew Mayfield as he kicked off a short run of tour dates in Columbus, Ohio (drove 12 hours from Alabama just to play the show) but he didn’t cover “Paranoid Android” that night – didn’t even know he had it in his back pocket. But, here is his pretty faithful-to-the-original version.

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway readies solo album

Philip Selway’s first solo album, Familial, will be in stores next week. So what does music by the drummer of Radiohead sound like? Selway’s made a few songs available to check out to give you an idea and I’m not at all surprised by the sounds. More early Radiohead than experimental Radiohead, the drummer’s just not going to be able to shake the Radiohead comparisons even though this is all just something that he’s doing on his own. I actually think – based on these tracks – that I’m going to enjoy this album more than Radiohead’s most recent releases.

Philip Selway – Familial (Album Sampler) by Bella Union