Video: Mini Mansions – “Kiddie Hypnogogia”

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Michael Schuman: “Hey, Josh, listen … I know we’re taking a little break from Queens of the Stone Age. I’ve been dipping into your ‘Magical Mystery’ weed and writing these fun little pop songs.”

Josh Homme: “Right on, brother. Think we could drive out to the desert, jam on the songs and make ’em a little more fuzzy than poppy?”

Michael: “Um … you’re the boss man, but I’d kinda like to release them on my own.”

Josh: “Right on, brother. Right on.”

Not sure if this is a side project or a full-time gig that bassist Schuman will dedicate his time to when QOTSA is inactive, but the Mini Mansions self-titled debut CD is a great sounding, mildly Beatles-esque pop affair with very small, small stoner-rock hints (imagine taking Homme’s bass parts and running them through an elevator-music generator).

Mini Mansions, the CD, was released this week on Homme’s Rekords Rekords. Listen to it, in full, here.