It’s Fig Dish Friday

Been on a steady diet of Fig Dish‘s two major label releases this week – seeing Willison’s photos on a friend’s Facebook account made me hungry for some long-lost, gone-but-never-forgotten pop-rock mastery from the little Chicago band that could (or at least tried). I’ll be damned if the songs don’t hold up over time, but that should be expected from a band that is cut from the same cloth as the founding fathers on Mount Rockmore (Westerberg, Mould, Dando, Zander).  Yes, I did just quote myself from a 1995 article I wrote about the band for MOO Magazine.

If you’re not familiar with the band (and their record sales from the mid-to-late ’90s indicate that you’re probably not), maybe read some other sites that discuss the first album – That’s What Love Songs Often Do – and the follow up – When Shove Goes Back to Push (surprise, surprise, Pitchfork didn’t like it). Check out the love Wilfully Obscure gives the band’s first single (“Rollover Please” / “Miss California) which you can download. And if that’s not enough, I’ll refer you to the unreleased third album the band recorded, but never officially released, instead, allowing AtomicNed to offer it up as an exclusive free download. Hell, as long as you’re clicking around and downloading, how about a live reunion show from 2006?

If you’re willing to part with a penny (+ shipping and handling), you can pick up That’s What Love Songs Often Do on where you can also find used copies of When Shove Goes Back to Push used for prices ranging from a buck to 3 bucks.

There’s all kinds of post-Fig Dish projects (Caviar, Ness, The Prairie Cartel) you should check out but I’ll let you explore those on your own.

In the meantime, though few and far between, Fig Dish videos ARE available on YouTube and are presented here, for your viewing pleasure.


“When Shirts Get Tight”

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  1. Now I’M gonna be listening to them for the next week…

    Always good to hear though.

    There should be a new release from The Prairie Cartel soon. FYI

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