If you’ve got it, Faunts it

This isn’t going to be a long diatribe about how there is no longer any M on MTV. I think if you’ve watched the cable channel any time in the last 10 years, you’ve figured that out for yourself. What I do want to say though is that videos still do help sell music and if the labels were smart (which we all know they aren’t), they’d figure out someway to get videos broadcast to consumers. Case in point, I DVR MTV2’s Subterranean every week and this morning was catching up on Thursday night’s episode. I was surprised at how many bands were broadcast in the hourlong show that I had never heard of before. My favorite of the bunch was the video for “M4 (Part II)” by a band called Faunts.

The video is great as is the song. I was really, really hoping these guys were from Scotland (they remind me a bit of Aereogramme) as I seemingly love just about everything that comes out of that country lately but a quick Google search revealed they are from Canada. I’m not sure whether or not the Blogosphere has already championed these guys but they are definitely on my radar now. And, solely because I loved this song, I went out to eMusic and picked up both the EP – M4 – that this song is featured on as well as the band’s debut full length – High Expectations/Low Results – which preceeded the EP. It seems like a perfect time to get into the band – which has been compared to everybody from Radiohead to The Cure to Sigur Ros – as their new album is due out in January 2009 and hopefully that means touring will follow.

How about some free downloads courtesy of Friendly Fire Recordings?

DOWNLOAD: “Instantly Loved”
DOWNLOAD: “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been”
DOWNLOAD: “M4 (Part I)”

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