Free download from Jill Cunniff (ex-Luscious Jackson)

Jill’s giving away a new remix on her website (it’s in the M4a format) FOR FREE and it’s a great, end-of-the-summer, loungy dance track.

DOWNLOAD: “Last Summer (Sparkle Mix)”

If you somehow missed it, Jill released her first solo album, City Beach, in early 2007 and it made my year-end Best of list that year. If you are/were a Luscious Jackson fan and this is news to you, you can find the CD used on for $.01.

Here’s my review of that CD:

Perhaps it was the fact that they were introduced to the world as the female version of The Beastie Boys, but Luscious Jackson never seemed to live up to the hype despite scoring a number of moderately successful hits during their short run. By the time the ladies went their separate ways in 2000, their kinky disco music had worn out it’s welcome. Lead singer Jill Cunniff started a family and worked with the New York disco duo The Cooler Kids all the while writing songs that she’d eventually use for her debut, City Beach.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cunniff’s own work is cut from the same cloth as the material she contributed to Luscious Jackson, but it’s more subdued and there is even a hint of Brazilian pop spread throughout the songs. While Cunniff’s lyrical prowess may leave a bit to be desired, the general lazy summer afternoon tone of songs like “Lazy Boys” and “NYC Boy” make for a welcome return by this one-time New York City street punk.

And a low-budget video for “Lazy Girls”.

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