Contrast Podcast: CD Swap

I recently participated in the Contrast Podcast CD Swap. I failed in my mission to mail out a mix CD to the person I was assigned (Coxon from To Die By Your Side) but I did send him a link to where he could download the mix CD that I spent a lot of time putting together. I decided to expose someone from England to a wonderful mix of Columbus bands, past and present and 20 of my favorite songs by those artists. Coxon chose “Ditchdigger Blues” by The Evil Queens to play on the podcast – a fine, fine selection. I received a great mix CD of Canadian bands from Jim from Quick Before it Melts and I chose to play “Heaven is For Easy Girls” by The Awkward Stage.

Download Contrast Podcast: CD Swap.

As an added bonus, you can download the mix CD I made and sent to Coxon which I lovingly called OH CRAP: Contrast Podcast Edition.

Tracklisting for OH CRAP: Contrast Podcast edition following the jump.

1. Earwig – “Used Kids”
2. Dorsie – “Western Sky”
3. Moviola – “Color Copy”
4. The Pretty Weapons – “Jasmine Queen”
5. Teeth of the Hydra – “Our Strange Man”
6. The Kyle Sowashes – “Pitchforks”
7. The Blood Violets – “Plastic”
8. Bel Auburn – “Good Night”
9. The Honey’s – “Something You Need”
10. The Means – “USMC”
11. Watershed – “5th of July”
12. The Loyal Divide – “Lights”
13. Two Cow Garage – “The Great Gravitron Massacre”
14. Greenhorn – “Tornado Sirens”
15. The Jive Turkeys – “The Kindness of Friends”
16. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments – “Cheater’s Heaven”
17. 84 Nash – “Could This Be Love”
18. Kola Koca Death Squad – “Power Stroke”
19. The Evil Queens – “Ditchdigger Blues”
20. Flotation Walls – “I’m a Bear”

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