The Hot Damn

The Hot Damn

If you want to know what bands are going to be on the cover of Alternative Press a year from now, check out Ultragrrl’s site. If you want to know what bands are going to have the biggest buzz at next year’s SXSW, check out Stereogum. You’re not going to find the “next big thing” here, but it’s not really because the bands don’t deserve it. It’s more because of where we all live.

The disadvantage to living in Columbus, Ohio is that most of the bands in my backyard will never play a show outside of the city, let alone the state. They’ll consider success getting an evening slot at the annual arts and music festival. They’ll be excited to play in front of 200 people at their CD release party. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t sign them in a heartbeat if I worked for an indie (or even major) label.

The latest band that I’ve added to the Record Label in My Head roster is The Hot Damn. I don’t get out like I used to to check out the new bands on the local scene so The Hot Damn escaped my radar until I downloaded podcast #82 from Seems as if Pat included a few tracks from the OH CRAP compilation that I had put together on his podcast and I wanted to see what else he was digging at the moment. While there is a ton of really good stuff on this podcast, it was The Hot Damn track, “We Call This a Cycle”, that really stood out.

Download “We Call This a Cycle” by The Hot Damn
I don’t know ANYTHING about this band other than I dig many of the bands they list as influences on their MySpace page (The Weakerthans, Pavement, Piebald, Death Cab For Cutie, Sonic Youth, The Dismemberment Plan, Superchunk). From what I gather, they don’t have a CD currently for sale but are working on something now, 3 songs of which can be streamed on the MySpace page.

This is one that I’m keeping my fingers crossed for, hoping that the band isn’t just a passing fancy that will be tossed aside once the band members get bored (or broke).

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  1. I heard this band at the Scarlet and Grey Cafe a few months ago and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. I think they just won a Battle of the Bands contest and should be playing at the Lodge Bar on September 2.

  2. Glad to hear they’re starting to put together stuff. I went to school with Matt in college, he’s a pretty decent musician and introduced me to a lot of bad ass music. Sounds like they have some solid musicians from the stuff I’ve heard.

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