Wishful thinking: Blind Allman

(Please note this is my poor attempt at doctoring a photo)

A few years ago the guys from Pantera (minus Phil) made an album with outlaw country bad boy David Allen Coe. They called the project Rebel Meets Rebel and the CD was actually really good.

I just read the Gregg Allman article in Rolling Stone and shamefully admit that while my CD collection is well over 1,000 and my MP3 albums probably double that, I’ve NEVER listened to an entire Allman Brothers album. In fact, I only barely know the “hits”. But, I checked out CD from the library this week and I was listening to it, I kept thinking, “How cool would it be if the guys in Blind Melon collaborated on an album with Gregg Allman?”

To work, it would have to be a collaborative effort. It couldn’t be Gregg singing Blind Melon songs nor could it be a rehash of the Allman Brothers greatest hits as played by Blind Melon.

I think it would be an awesome way to keep the energy alive while still looking for a new singer. Maybe a “mini” album – 7 or 8 songs – and a small handful of dates.

Whaddya think? I don’t really know that much about Gregg other than the article I just read and have no idea if it’s something he’d consider or if the Melon guys would consider. But, a guy can dream, right?

And the name BLIND ALLMAN would be perfect (at least I think so).

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