RIOT Fest (Chicago) adds reunited Rights of the Accused, Wax

RIOT Fest is celebrating it’s fifth year with shows in Chicago (Oct.7-11) and L.A. (Nov.12-14) featuring the likes of Screeching Weasel, Naked Raygun, Dead Milkmen, Butthole Surfers, NOFX, Alkaline Trio, Murder City Devils, Pegboy and many, many others. All great punk rock bands, no doubt about it, but this fest didn’t hold much interest to me until I saw two recent additions to the Chicago (and, more specifically, the Oct.9 Naked Raygun show at The Metro) lineup … Rights of the Accused and Wax. Both bands have been inactive for many, many years and to see them both on the same bill would be pretty amazing.

Rights of the Accused was a teen punk band with both political and comical lyrics but my main interest in them is this was the band that started the music careers of Wes Kidd (Triple Fast Action), Brian St. Clair (Triple Fast Action, Local H) and Jay Yuenger (White Zombie). I emailed Wes this morning to see if he was going to be part of the reunion and he said “yes”. (I’m assuming Brian will be too but I wouldn’t hold my breath for Jay). When asked if this might lead to a Triple Fast Action reunion, Wes said, “Never say never but …. never.”

LOVE this video for Rights of the Accused’s “Give It All You Got” featuring a long-haired Wes Kidd on guitar.

Wax was always a favorite though their career only yielded two pop-punk releases in the mid-90s. Singer Joe Sib went on to form 22 Jacks and Side One/Dummy Records, guitarist Soda Gardocki has a solo career, bassist Dave Georgeff is a member of Sign of the Fox and drummer Loomis has often been seen hanging with MTV’s Jackass crew.

If anybody out there is interested in “sponsoring” my trip to Chicago for this show, let me know 🙂 I just need a plane ticket (Columbus to Chicago and back is only about $100).

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