Where ya been hiding House of Pain?

Sometimes I live under a rock. Case in point – am I the last person to find out that House of Pain has essentially reunited under a new name? I was flipping through a March issue of Scene magazine (a free weekly from Cleveland) when I spotted an article that started off with a mention of former House of Pain MC Danny Boy. The deeper I read into the article, I discovered that Danny Boy put the old crew back together (DJ Lethal, Everlast) for a new project called La Coka Nostra.

La Coka Nostra’s debut album, A Brand You Can Trust, will be released by Suburban Noize Records on my birthday, July 14.

For now, check out a video for “That’s Coke” (and for all you watching at work or in front of the kiddies, this one ain’t safe to listen to in front of youngsters or co-workers).

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