True Live

David, Ross and I were hanging at the Australian BBQ during SXSW, drinking some free beer, eating some free food when this really cool music started playing on the house speakers – a fusion of hip-hop, soul music and jazz. I knew it was something that I’d want to check out later so I asked Glen from the Australian Music Collective├é┬á who it was we were listening to. He ran over to the soundboard, looked at the iPod that was serving as DJ and reported that it was True Live. He told me that True Live was a hip-hop band with classically-trained musicians who played all the music live rather than relying on samples to create the sound.

I don’t think the collective’s new CD, Found Lost, is available yet in the U.S. and to be honest I’m not sure it ever will be but if you dig what you hear, you should be able to track down the CD somehow even if it is just a digital copy through an outlet like iTunes of eMusic.

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