What are you buying this week?

On my radar …

Army of Me – Citizen (Doghouse Records) – Don’t know much about these guys other than they toured with The Damnwells and my friend Gilly loves ’em. I wasn’t sold on the one performance of theirs that I saw, a little bit too bland for my tastes, but maybe I’ll give them another shot.

Bright Eyes – Cassadaga (Saddle Creek) – Conor’s voice usually drives me nuts to the point where I can’t listen to more than a song or two in a row, but something about this CD has captured my interest. The hints of twangy alt.country will sucker me in just about every time. Will I listen to this more than half a dozen times? I’m not sure yet.

Cloud Cult – The Meaning of 8 (Rebel Group) – Cloud Cult’s last album Advice from the Happy Hippopomatus came out of nowhere in 2005 and kicked my ass with it’s quirky-pop (ala Flaming Lips, Granddaddy) goodness. Can’t wait to hear this one.

Cocorosie – The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn (Touch & Go) – Sure to be as strange as their previous material. The video for “Noah’s Ark” creeped me out and made me a believer at the same time.

Hell Yeah – Hell Yeah (Epic) – Props to Vinnie Paul for not giving up on music after his brother (Dimebag Darrel) was murdered right before his very eyes. The heavy stuff on this record (also featuring Chad Gray from Mudvayne on vocals) is pretty damn good but too often Hellyeah resorts to the post-grunge midtempo crap that makes bands like Creed and Nickelback so unlistenable.

Limbeck – Limbeck (Doghouse Records) – Know the name, not the band. Good? Alt.country-ish? Don’t give me any more of these emo-gone-country bands who retain too much pop sound and not enough pedal steel.

Gruff Rhys – Candylion (Team Love Records) – My friend, Eric Metronome, loves at least the single from this CD, maybe even the whole thing. With enough prodding, maybe I can get him to review the CD this week.

The Rosebuds – Night of the Furies (Merge)
– LOVE the ’80s UK keyboard dance-pop sound on this record. I’m hoping the band brings their dance shoes on their upcoming tour.

Shearwater – Palo Santo (Matador) – Johnathan once wrote a really nice “Soundtrack of My Life” column for my old site, Swizzle-Stick.com. Unfortunately, I got rid of ALL the content from that site so you can’t read it 🙁

Laura Veirs – Saltbreakers (Nonesuch) – Laura’s voice reminds me of Juliana Hatfield’s in a way but sounds as if she spent a lot of time by herself in the library reading classic literature and daydreaming of traveling to far away countries.

Jenny Owen Youngs – Batten the Hatches (Nettwerk) – Got an advance of this sitting in my in-box. Look for a review coming soon.

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  1. Hey, I wanted to thank you for linking to us from your page. How did you find out about The Milk Carton? You’re into a lot of really great music! I like your blog so far and I’ll add a link once we get a Sites list up on the site.

    I’m going to pick up Bright Eyes, Limbeck, and Cloud Cult this week. Best Buy has a number of solid indie albums on sale for $7.99 this week, so check out the list if you haven’t yet. Keep up the writing and I’ll keep checking back! 🙂

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