Pumpkins, Puppets, Police

Buddyhead.com’s gossip section is always a fun read and most of the time the gossip turns out to be right on the mark. The site is reporting that Billy Corgan is rounding out the Smashing Pumpkins with bassist Ginger Reyes, formerly of female pop-rockers Halo Friendlies, and guitarist Jeff Schroeder of The Lassie Foundation. Of the two, Reyes seems to be the most interesting choice as her solo work leans towards the MTV reality-show soundtrack side which doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit for the Pumpkins but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the ol’ chrome dome announces with regards to who really will be in the band when they start playing live shows. I had heard a rumor that Scott Lucas (Local H) had been asked to join the Pumpkins and was mulling the offer over but I guess that goes to show how much credibility you should put into rumors.

Not only did Curt and Cris Kirkwood play their first Meat Puppets show in years at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, but now Billboard is reporting that the brothers have finished a new record which will be released by Anodyne Records on July 17.

Tankboy points to news on the NME site that The Police are considering working on a new record once the reunion tour is wrapped up. While Tankboy’s not too excited at this prospect, I think it would be a great idea and I’d be the first in line to buy the CD. Of course, I also said I’d be the first in line to buy concert tickets should the trio ever get back together (and went so far as saying that I’d drive however far I’d have to and sell a kidney to pay for a good seat) and here I am, ticketless for the band’s upcoming tour even though they’ve got $50 tickets still available for the Cleveland date (a 2-hour drive from AtomicNed.com headquarters) on July 16.

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  1. I DID buy Police tickets and thank god for that second mortgage … also, you have always been far more forgiving about classic bands recording new material. However, in the case of The Police, the primary reason they’re still so cool is that they quit LONG before they could have started to really suck, and nothing they do now could possibly measure up.

    It’d just be a HUGE mistake.

    Although I’d love it if they released that manipulated soundtrack Stuart put together for his recent DVD …

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