Video: All the Saints – “Half Red, Half Way”

In my review of All the Saint’s 2008 release, Fire on Corridor X, I said, “All the Saints play this trippy, drug-induced music that reminds me of those movies that seemed particularly eerie on overcast, grey Sunday afternoons. If these guys made a video that showed nothing but crows flying to and from an old, abandoned house with the windows boarded up, it would be PERFECT.”

All the Saints is just a month away from releasing Intro to Fractions and they’ve released a video for “Half Red, Half Way”. You can see the actual video after the jump. In the meantime, here’s what I want you to do. Play the video (“Scary Black Crows Flying”) below but set the volume to “Mute”. Then click play on the audio track just beneath which is “Half Red, Half Way” (you can download it too by clicking the little down arrow). See what I mean?

All The Saints – Half Red, Half Way by souterraintransmissions

Here’s the video All the Saints made for the song.

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