Flashback Friday – Helloween – “Halloween”

Summer’s not even here yet but I’ve had Halloween on the mind this week. I miss staying up late on Saturday night to watch Headbanger’s Ball and while hair metal was my favorite, every once in a while I’d catch a video by a band that was heavier than what I usually listened to. Helloween’s got a classic power metal sound, one that nearly 30 years later still sounds so great.

Video: Helms Alee – “8/16”

Another tip from a friend (this time, Metal Rob). Helms Alee put together a pretty rad ’90s MTV-influenced video for the track “8/16”. All sorts of references in this NOISY (think Melvins meets Sonic Youth meets Torche) video – see if you can spot ’em all. There are a few that I think I need help with but my favorite takes place at the very end (Ozzy & Lita from “Close My Eyes Forever”).