SXSW 2009: Wednesday recap

Here are some highlights, observations, thoughts, photos, video about Wednesday’s events:

– The line at the Fader Fort just to pick up wristbands was about 50 people deep when we (me, Duffy, Kevin) arrived. Can’t imagine what it’ll look like when Kanye plays there on Saturday (just a rumor at this point)

(Duffy and Kevin in the Fader Fort wristband pickup line)

– Didn’t get to see Benjamin Wesley at the Co-Op Lab because apparently not all the proper permits had been obtained. We did, however, drink Tito’s Vodka and Iced Tea mixed drinks and eat free Chipotle burritos delivered by our new metal/punk loving friend Mike (I think that was his name). Check out his band Slowly Truth Dies.

(David and Ross at the Paste Party listening to The Heartless Bastards)

– Loved Austin Collins’ set at the Saxon Pub. Collins is an artist kind of somewhere between Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, and Jay Farrar and leans more towards the country side than the alt side.

The Damnwells at Thredgill’s in the afternoon and at Vintage Lounge proved to be highlights of the week though that doesn’t come as a surprise and shouldn’t for anybody that knows me. Alex and Jay were backed by Alex’s wife Angela and the former rhythm section of Mineral/The Gloria Record. While I wish Ted had made the trip, it was still great to hear The Damnwells, especially the new stuff that I haven’t seen performed live yet (“55 Pictures”, “Like It Is”, “Soundtrack”).

(The Damnwells at Vintage Lounge)

(Angela Dezen of The Damnwells)

– Caught two female-fronted bands with heavy emphasis on synths though they don’t sound anything alike. Crocodile was the first “official” SXSW performance I saw and they loaded the stage with keyboards and synths. A great way to kick off the fest. Then it was across the street to see one of my faves, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer. I really wish they were sticking around and playing a few shows this week, but, alas, they probably have already left Austin as I type this to join the Pink Spiders on tour.


(Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer)

– As a time-killer while waiting for The Damnwells, I saw instrumental band My Education. Amazing. I’m not good as describing instrumental music but these guys (and girl) were truly jaw-dropping. I found myself closing my eyes quite a bit during the set and just swaying back and forth to the beautiful sounds. I’m definitely going to burn up some eMusic credit on these guys.

– A few of the people we ran into while out and about: Kelly from The Dollyrots, the Energizer Bunny, Blake Smith (Fig Dish/Caviar/Prairie Cartel) and …. drumroll please … former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield who is as enthusiatic in person as he is when he’s on MTV or the radio.

(Me and my new friend Matt Pinfield)

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