Question of the Week: What band did you love that has fallen off the face of the earth?

You’ve got dozens, if not hundreds, of CDs and there are bound to be a few in the collection that you’ll never stop listening to by bands that put out one or two great records and then just vanished. Poof. Gone. Of course there are millions of reasons bands break up – from losing record deals to bad drug habits to financial instability – but that doesn’t mean these bands are forgotten about. The internet has made it easier to track down members of bands that you once liked. For instance, Seaweed’s lead singer Aaron Stauffer is now fronting The Blue Dot; Miles, former guitarist for For Love Not Lisa, is now in The Echo Division; ex-Best Kissers in the World singer Gerald Collier has been putting out solo albums since BKITW’s demise (though when they came to an end is still a mystery).

But for all of the bands whose members you can track down – and who are still involved in the music biz – there are musicians that have either completely gotten out of music, have started new bands but haven’t made themselves easy to find, or have just fallen off the face of the earth.

So, here’s a list of bands that I at one time really enjoyed that only released an album or two and then were never heard from again.

  • Fretblanket – Brit-rock band that owed a bit to both Nirvana and Blur. After two albums, and one semi-successful video (“Into the Ocean”), Fretblanket was done.
  • April’s Motel Room – Okay, so these guys probably appealed to a more mainstream/frat crowd than I associated with while in college, but I really dug at least one song (“California” – check it out on the MySpace page).
  • Seed – Okay, I actually found out what happened to the guys in this band – Gabriel Ordonez (singer/guitarist) is in Billion Stars; Chad Salls (singer/bass) is performing as a solo artist; Dean Truitt (guitar) has played with a few bands since Seed’s breakup and also does some music writing for various magazines; and Kyle Schneider (drums) is currently playing in O:A.
  • Dig – After a lengthy hiatus, Scott Hackwith and Johnny Cornwell, and Jon Morris reunited and have been supposedly working on a new Dig album.

This list could go on and on and as I come across bands that I thought were long-lost but that I’ve been able to find, I’ll post updates.

So, the question of the week that I’d like YOU to answer: What band did you love that has fallen off the face of the earth?

12 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What band did you love that has fallen off the face of the earth?”

  1. Looks like Dave Hollinghurst from Small 23 is still playing music –

    And just 2 months ago, Dave posted in a Small 23 thread on the Merge Records message board. Here’s what he said:

    “Chuck and Mike have/had a band called Cardiff Giants, with Dave I.T. from Pipe, and Brain Walker of Zen Frisbee fame. They haven’t played a show since last year, if I remember correctly. Matt doesn’t play anymore, but still listens to and collects music regularly. Haven’t talked to Chuck in a while, but I’m sure he’s still playing with ZF and Evil Weiner, among others. I’m still waiting for the Mike Kenlan solo record that hasn’t been written yet. Or perhaps it has, and he hasn’t told anyone about it.”

  2. I saw Dig with Hootie and Blind Melon in 95(?). Shannon got arrested for relieving himself on stage. I was in hs at the time but my campus was relegated to the Beach Boys and 3 Dog Night….and Carrot Time when i was there.

  3. Man, I remember seeing Made To Fade play in NYC a few times with Mike Willison. Even got a video somewhere that I took of the show.

    Hmmmm, bands I loved that fell of the face of the earth/broke up prematurely…there are lots probably. But the ones that come to mind immediately are:

    1.) that dog.

    2.) tuscadero

    3.) the la’s

    4.) jets to brazil

    5.) triplefastaction

    6.) fig dish

    7.) caviar

    8.) and I’m still waiting on that new my bloody valentine record, dammit!

  4. 9.) yes to Fretblanket, as well. and add to that the band Tripmaster Monkey who got crushed by their record label

  5. Yes, Made to Fade the Chicago band. I have one CD by them, but never heard anything else. Do you know more?

  6. i loved Dig and Seed. still do.

    some more that come to mind:

    – dragstrip courage
    – the cavedogs
    – cold water flat
    – the hollowbodies
    – hHead

  7. I miss the funk band DAG! Their 1994 debut had a ton of critical acclaim and sold decently. Then they took four years to release a so-so follow up. I still play the first album on vinyl to this day. It’s insane that Sony hasn’t put the first dag album online, a lot of people loved it.

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