News roundup: The Breeders, MBV, The Police, Warrant, Soulsavers

NME reports a one-off Breeders reunion gig to take place on December 4 in Chicago. My friend Fyffo once told me how he saw Kelley Deal selling homemade purses and bags at a flea market outside of Dayton.

Did you hear My Bloody Valentine is reuniting and has some gigs scheduled? ( always bringing you breaking news). I was turned onto MBV by Veruca Salt who used to play MBV’s ‘Loveless’ as between-acts music while on tour. Not sure if I have much interest in seeing this live (unless of course they show up for a “secret” SXSW show in March) but I am sorta digging the take on ‘Loveless’ by Japancakes.

Andy Summers thinks the timing is right for a new Police album but it’s hard to say whether Sting and Stewart Copeland share the same sentiment. As a fan of all eras of The Police as well as most of Sting’s stuff (I’m not one of those “early Police is the only good Police” snobs), I’d welcome something new though I won’t hold my breath (then again, I said that about the chances of The Police ever reuniting).

With all the reunions I’ve witnessed in the last few years, the one that holds the most potential excitement for me is Jani Lane hooking back up with the Warrant guys. Sorry, but Jamie St. James just doesn’t do it for me as the front man for Warrant. Could a reunion be in the works? Lane says he’s burying the hatchet with his former bandmates after years of public feuding.

I’d love to write a full-on review of the new Soulsavers CD (and maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days – thanks for the CD, Steve Nice) but for the time being, if you’ve somehow managed to miss hearing the single, “Revival”, featuring Mark Lanegan, then check it out here:

YouTube Preview Image

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