Life Soundtrack

I usually don’t waste my time responding to the MySpace bulletin survey things where you have to answer 100 questions like “Who was the last person you kissed?” and “Kool-Aid or Hi-C?”. But I saw a bulletin called “Life Soundtrack” from Shirley (who played bass in Log) that intrigued me. I decided to fill it out and post it here.


  • Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
  • Put it on shuffle
  • Press play
  • For every question below, type the name of the song that’s playing
  • When you go to a new question, press the “next” button
  • Be honest

If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

1. Opening Credits: “Into the Drink” – The Evil Queens
2. Waking Up: “Live at P.J.’s” – The Beastie Boys
3. First Day At School: “Wait for Love (You Know You Will)” – Josh Ritter
4. Falling In Love: “Humanoid” – Sheavy
5. Fight Song: “Moth in a Cloud of Smoke” – All Smiles
6. Breaking Up: “Dr. L’Ling” – Minus the Bear
7. Prom: “All I Can Do” – Mondo Generator
8. Life: “Palestina” – Ministry
9. Mental Breakdown: “Aleph” – Baroness
10. Driving: “Penny” – People in Planes
11. Flashback: “Downtown” – The Dexateens
12. Getting back together: “Hook in Mouth” – Megadeth
13. Wedding: “Can’t Let Go (This Feeling)” – Spotlight Kid
14. Birth of Child: “Underglass” – The Frames
15. Final Battle: “Nobody Knows You’re Gone” – The Yarrows
16. Death Scene: “Waters of Nazareth” – Justice
17. Funeral Song: “Bring it Down” – Madder Rose
18. Ending Credits: “Where Evil Grows” – Gore Gore Girls

Feel free to post your “Life Soundtrack” in the comments. If anybody wants a copy of my “Life Soundtrack”, let me know, it can be arranged.

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