Free music Friday

The Donnas – “Don’t Wait Up for Me” (MP3) (grab it while you can)
Deadstring Brothers – “Heavy Load” (MP3), “Silver Mountain” (MP3)
Nyles Lannon – “Hesitation” (MP3), “Next Obsession” (MP3) (ex-Film School)
Dutch Kills – “Sunday is the Greatest Day” (MP3), “Storm Clouds” (MP3), “She is Gone/Marisol” (MP3)
Saturday Looks Good to Me – “Make a Plan” (MP3)
Division Day – “Enjoy the Silence” (Depeche Mode cover) (MP3)
Doveman – “Sunrise (Medley)” (MP3)
Magnet – “Lonely No More” (MP3)
Eskimo Joe – “New York” (MP3)
Sunday Drivers – “The Sweetest Disguise” (MP3)
Charlemagne – “8 x 10” (MP3)
Innerpartysystem – “Don’t Stop” (MP3)
Thomas Dybdahl – “Damn Heart” (MP3), “Half of Me” (MP3)
Prong – “The Banishment” (MP3)

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