Kim Deal tribute due out in June

American Laundromat Records has put together their latest tribute CD, this time honoring the work of ex-Pixie, current Breeder, sometime Amp, former Dayton, Ohio resident Kim Deal. The names aren’t as recognizable on this one as the artists who have contributed to some of ALR’s tributes in the past to Neil Young and The Pixies, but you don’t always have to have recognizable names for a good final output (see: Beatiful Escape: The Songs of the Posies Revisited).

The Kim Deal tribute CD will be available in early June. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. The She – Witch Hats
2. Bragging Party – The German Art Students
3. Cannonball – The Wheelers
4. Tipp City – Tara King TH
5. Do You Love Me Now – Melissa Gibbs
6. Fortunately Gone – Julie Peel
7. Off You – Francine
8. Doe – Rizzo
9. I Just Want To Get Along – Descartes A Kant
10. Invisible Man – The Nuevos
11. Safari – The Douglas Fir
12. When I Was A Painter – Le Tetsuo
13. Divine Hammer – The Modifiers

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