In My Ear – Week of August 8

1. Azure Ray
Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink haven’t made a record together since 2004 but after a one-off reunion performance in 2008 decided maybe it would be worth working together on new material. Azure Ray’s new album, Drawing Down the Moon, will be released in September and I’m not sure you’ll find more beautiful female vocals (x 2!) on any other CD this year. If September feels too far away, you can pick up a preview 3-song EP now to tide you over.

2. Blonde Redhead
I have to admit that I’ve never listened to Blonde Redhead before. Penny Sparkle, the band’s eighth album, is due out in September and it sounds like I’ve got a discography to catch up on! Blonde Redhead’s giving away a free track from the new album and it sounds gorgeous. Check the trio out on tour this September and October.

DOWNLOAD: Blonde Redhead – “Here Sometimes”

3. Filter
Rumor has it the new Filter CD, The Trouble with Angels, finds Richard Patrick revisiting the post-industrial sound of Filter’s earliest material (think “Hey Man Nice Shot” more than “Take a Picture”). The album is available in stores today so make up your own mind. In the meantime, check out the title track.

4. The Wackers
Read about this ’70s Canadian pop band on a few different blogs and thought the description, which read something like “the harmonies of The Beach Boys with the pop elements of The Beatles”, made this something worth seeking out. Sadly, like so many bands of that time period, The Wackers never achieved much commercial success and are now just the type of band that bloggers occasionally mention in passing.

5. We Are Scientists
Made the choice to see Warrant this weekend instead of We Are Scientists and I’m sure that I made the right decision – the Warrant show was great. But, it was a tough decision considering how much I’ve been playing WAS’s latest album, Barbara, on my iPod. There’s a strong ’80s new wave flavor to many of the songs and at times I’m reminded of Duran Duran, which is never a bad thing, right?

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