An open letter to John Mayer

Dear John –

My kids listen to the local pop radio station. Every time I hear the very opening of “Half of My Heart”, my heart does a quick skip and jump … Now, I know that you are far too big of a rock star to listen to unknown bands and, let’s face it, there are only so many strings on a guitar and only so many notes you can play so you’re bound to play something at some point that sounds an awful lot like another band. I’m cool with that and I’m not even accusing you of lifting the opening of “Half of My Heart” from the opening of The Damnwells “Everything”. It’s just one of those lucky coincidences.

That being said, John, since there are some similarities between “Half of My Heart” and “Everything” which, after you hear, I’m sure you’ll admit to, I think you should download The Damnwells 2009 release, One Last Century. The band, being in that tough spot of not having a record deal, made the release – which features “Everything” – available for free to their fans in exchange for nothing more than an e-mail address. Don’t worry John, if you’re afraid of giving them your personal e-mail address, I’m sure you can find somebody who doesn’t mind sharing their e-mail address with you. Personally, I’d recommend you check out “Like It Is” which I think would make a great song for the Dixie Chicks to sing vocals on. Maybe you can pass it along to the girls and see if they’d be interested (note: The Damnwells opened 2 or 3 Dixie Chicks shows in Canada a few years back).

I promise you’ll like One Last Century and after you’ve fallen in love, make sure to pick up Bastards of the Beat and Air Stereo as a way to prepare for The Damnwells new CD which hopefully will be out by the end of the year.

You don’t owe The Damnwells anything. It’s just a coincidence. But, hey, why don’t you throw the guys a bone and take them out on the road with you and let them play music that your fans will undoubtedly dig?

Thanks, John.


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  1. Wow – really surprised I missed that similarity, but definitely hear it now. Anyway, excellent plea to get the best band no one’s heard of the due it deserves. That would be amazing and just.

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