Hair metal in 2009

There are a number of blogs and sites dedicated to ’80s hair metal that I regularly check out as much for news about the bands I grew up listening to (and still occupy a healthy amount of space on my iPod) as for the introduction to current bands carrying on in the tradition of the likes of Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns, and Kix. I’m sure there are a lot of bands that I’m missing here but if we could Rikki Rachtman to host a special 2009 edition of Headbanger’s Ball (featuring hair metal bands, not the hardcore bands that the show features these days), here are the videos I’d love to see on the playlist.

Vains of Jenna – “Noone’s Gonna Do it For You”

Dirty Penny – “Scream and Shout”

Bablyon Bombs – “Let’s Roll”

Crazy Lixx – “Want It”

Crash Diet – “Breakin the Chains”

Damone – “Talk of the Town”

The Last Vegas – “I’m Bad”

So, I’m SURE there are new hair metal bands that I haven’t stumbled across. Please, please, please give me some recommendations in the comments section.

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  1. Man I dig the Dirty Penny song. I don’t get how this stuff is so expensive to buy though – $25 and up for their cd on ebay?

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