Free music Friday

Shunda K – “First Encounter”
Yo! Majesty leader Shunda K collaborates with Kotchy on the new EP Le Passion, Yo!

Of Montreal – “First Time High(Reconstructionist Remix of “An Eluardian Instance”)”
Jon Brion’s reinterpretation of the songs takes the basic tracks and adds more instrumentation and backing vocals – including the work of Nickel Creek vocalist and mandolin-player Chris Thile

Tara Jane ONeil – “Drowning”
There’s compassion and concern, wisdom and heartbreak, moving on and waking up in these songs.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band – “Anchors Dropped”
UK magazine Uncut had this to say about the album, “an appealing piece of go-ahead indie pop, with a certain charismatic bagginess and wit (the call-and-response safari anthem, “Going On a Hunt”) that points to a bright future.”

Human Highway – “The Sound”
Spin calls it a “catchy-as-hell, jingle”

It Hugs Back – “Now and Again”
dreamlike soundscapes and experimental guitar feedback into sublimely melodic pop-perfect indie tunes, that has inspired some to compare them with My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fanclub and Yo La Tengo

EAR PWR – “Future Eyes”
Blistering thumpers with infectious melodies, Disco chants with wild-eyed electro anthems

The Picture – “Deer Crossing”
Taking cues from bands as diverse as Jesus & Mary Chain, Love and Rockets, and The Cure, these heavily-buzzing rockers combine the expansiveness of early 90s rock with a timeless melodicism that sounds perfectly at home on a pair of headphones as they do in an arena

The Library
“You Don’t Need No Doctor, Sugar”
dance hooks and flair for dramatics

Bell – “Magic Tape”
skittish, bumpy half-time verses (smacking slightly of Timbaland’s early work with Aaliyah) shimmy, simmer and eventually set off a confetti mushroom-cloud floor-slammer of a chorus, with 808 bass and heroic keytar designed to eradicate personal anxiety and (by proxy) economic strife.

Bricolage – “Turn U Over”
distinct breed of extraordinary pop

Caroline Weeks of Bat For Lashes – “Elegy”
full of insight, sensitivity and intimacy and do justice to a poet whose love sonnets are undeservedly slighted in our day

Jukebox the Ghost – “Victoria”
highly-addictive,  ebullient mix of piano/guitar/drums based pop

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele – “Meet Me In The Garden”
cheeky lo-fi tunes

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