Free music Friday

More goodies to load up on your iPod as you head out this weekend.

Film School – “Lectric” (MP3)
Adam Franklin – “Seize the Day”(MP3)
Speck Mountain – “Hey Moon” (MP3)
The Lonely H – “The Meal” (MP3)
Via Audio – “Presents” (MP3)
Eulogies – “One Man” (MP3)
Schoolyard Heroes – “Dude, Where’s My Skin” (MP3)
Bowerbirds – “In Our Talons” (MP3)
Dan Deacon – “The Crystal Cat” (MP3)
Deer Tick – “Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)” (MP3)
The Bosch
– “Brooklyn Cars” (MP3)
The One Am Radio vs. Lymbrc System – “Astrology Days” (MP3)
The Menzingers – “A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology” (MP3)

One comment on “Free music Friday”

  1. Wow, thats a tasty selection of mp3’s you have…i’ve never been on your blog and just come over from the contrast podcast….good stuff !!! Thanks for taking part in my theme dude !!! Rock on sir !!!

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