Free Music Friday

The Gutter Twins “Idle Hands” (Dulli + Lanegan = Amazing)
Black Mountain “Tyrants”  (Pink Rebel Sabbath Club)
Grand Archives“Torn Blue Foam Couch” (ex-Band of Horses!!!!!)
Monade“Regard” (featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab)
The Helio Sequence“Keep Your Eyes Ahead” (great song but not even the best on their new CD)
Say Hi“Northwestern Girls”, “Toil and Trouble” (MySpace top 8 includes Nada Surf, Plus/Minus, Bishop Allen among others and for obvious reasons)
No Kids“The Beaches Are All Closed” (Dancey indie-pop)
The Autumns“Boys” (LA band = J.Buckley meets Brit shoegazer pop)
Kelley Stoltz“Your Reverie” (’60s-style pop ala The Beatles, The Monkees)
The Heavy Circles“Henri” (Edie Brickell + Harper Simon, son of her husband, Paul)
Why?“Close to Me”(Cure cover), “The Hollows” (Any friend of Hood is a friend of mine)
Miguel Miggs“Fire” (featuring Junior Reid (Faze Action Afrotronic Re-Rub))  
Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast“Oceanic” (folkie, J.Buckley-ish)
Faunts“Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” , “M4 (Partt.1)” (synth-gazer)
Castaneda“Pixels” (DCFC with balls)
The Ruby Suns“Tane Mahuta” (Disney soundtrack meets Vampire Weekend-covering Paul Simon)
Excepter“Kill People” (don’t worry, I don’t get it either)
The Epochs“Opposite Sides” (sample-filled indie (trip)-pop with falsetto vocals)

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