Download Fig Dish’s previously unreleased 3rd album

After two albums, with a combined sales of 16,000 copies, Chicago rockers Fig Dish severed their relationship with A&M Records in 1998. The band, consisting of Blake Smith (vocals/guitar), Rick Ness (vocals/guitar), Mike Willison (bass), and Bill Swarz (drums), went back into the studio to record demos to shop to other labels. wrote a feature about Fig Dish’s departure and their subsequent record in which Smith said Fig Dish had no intention of breaking up and had recorded a double album worth of new material. Less than a year later Smith and Willison had started a new project, Caviar, while Ness started his own solo band, bringing Swarz along with him.

So whatever became of those 2 CDs worth of material Fig Dish recorded?

After being locked away in the Fig Dish vault for nearly 10 years, we’re happy to unleash the cracken and offer you the 19 track demo that Fig Dish recorded and used in an attempt to find a new label. For fun, we’ve tossed in 2 songs that were on the hard-to-find “Quiet Storm King” CD-single released in 1995, “Eyesore” and “Spit the Part”.

David Cobb, college roommate of Mike Willison, and longtime Fig Dish fan/friend/supporter dubbed this double CD, Onanism, so that’s the name we’ve given this collection of songs.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Fig Dish – Onanism

Track listing following the jump.

1. Burn Bright For Now
2. Cellophane & Sulphur
3. The Ragged Ones
4. Sciene Goes Public
5. If Not Now When
6. Trouble & Sway
7. Lake Five Blue
8. Take Me Whole
9. Tear The Atmosphere
10. All The Blues Are Pale
11. A.D. & D.
12. The Effects of Dehydration
13. The Bottom
14. Senior Circuit
15. Best Disguise
16. Carcharias Carcharodon
17. Extra Nanny
18. The Widow Cobain
19. When Shirts Get Tight (demo)
20. Eyesore
21. Spit the Part

Do me a favor, would ya? After you’ve download the CD, leave us a comment and let us know what you think. We’d love to pass the feedback along to the Fig Dish guys who were kind enough to allow us to offer this never-before-released double CD to you.

69 thoughts on “Download Fig Dish’s previously unreleased 3rd album”

  1. A+. Just woke up from a saturday afternoon nap and downloading this now and then I’m ordering some Pequods. Today is the best freezing cold I’m not leaving the apartment day ever. Just sayin’. This blog just got bookmarked. Thanks!

  2. Actually, I think Rick Ness dubbed it Onanism, but no worries. Thanks for finally making this see the light of day.

  3. Wow, it’s weird, but there is more than a little bit of TFA influence that seeped into this time period, huh?

    Now when do we get to Unleash The Cracken on the world?

  4. Is it just me or does it sound like Scott Wieland dropped by for vocals on Carcharias Carcharodon?

    I dunno about that one yet.

  5. you can tell The Dish that this is almost better than the timmy’s christmas present, glenview, summer 1986 demos. but not better than ANYTHING quintessence ever did.

  6. How Fig Dish didn’t become one of the biggest bands on the planet, I’ll never know. This album is amazing and really drives home the fact that even though this material is old is still holds up incredibly well and still bests the efforts of a lot of our current rock acts. It’s bittersweet in that it’s a Fig Dish album that compliments “Love Songs” and “When Shove…”, so well, but it really makes you appreciate how much more great music we could have heard and seen live. Thanks so much for releasing this and giving the die hards something more to love.

  7. Chip, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You rock for badgering those guys to release this stuff somehow. I know WE’VE been badgering YOU to badger THEM. Yeah, lots of badgering. Anyway, just proves it once again: big record companies suck. Let them have their f’ing fallout boys and creeds. Fig Dish should’ve been on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  8. Can someone please badger them about the cd that was supposed to be made of the March 3rd show from last year? Was that completely scrapped?

  9. So I was re-reading that old story from Rolling Stone and it reminded me of that supposed side-project with Wes, I remember talking to Wes outside of The Chance in Poughkeepsie after a Local H show and he talked about that some. He said that it was going to be like a cross between Husker Du and T-Rex. So whatever happened to that project? Did they ever play around with anything? Any lost tracks laying about?

  10. Can you imagine? Maybe we can beg and plead for them to make an ep or a 7″ or something. We can take up a collection for the studio time. Woulda been great.

    “I’ve fucked guitars bigger than this in prison.”-Blake Smith at the last T3FA show at the Metro

  11. In all honesty, I’ve have not really listened to a Fig Dish cd is sometime. But after downloading this cd I was instantly reminded why I LOVE Fig Dish.

    I know FD played a couple of shows over the past year, and then I of course know about Caviar, Prairie Cartel, Ness, etc.

    But because FD played a couple of Chicagoland shows over the past year and the release of this gem, I am hoping (and maybe foolishly) for a full time (and permanent) Fig Dish reunion.

    Thanks so much for this freebie!

  12. Dude, still listening to this obsessively. Makes me wanna build me a time machine and go back to that crazy show at 7 Willow Street in Porchester, NY. Such an odd place. And an even odder night! There MUST be a Fig Dish IV one day!

  13. Thanks for making this available! I thought the chances of hearing any new FD material was never. Love all the side projects but this line-up is honestly my favorite band of all time. Hope to catch a reunion show. Thanks again!

  14. after the caviar board went away i lost all fig dish contact, then in an effort to find a copy of ULTC for sale i stumbled upon this, i didnt think this would ever see the light of day. did that audio copy of the first reunion show ever surface?

  15. I am blown away by this. I have been a Fig Dish/Caviar fan since Fig Dish toured with Veruca Salt and the Muffs back in the late ’90s, and I never thought this album would see the light of day. I can’t even begin to express how stoked I am to get my grubby hands on this album. I’m still bummed that I couldn’t make it to the reunion show, but this more than makes up for it. Thanks Fig Dish/Atomic Ned/Flying Spaghetti Monster/whoever else is responsible for this godsend. Seriously, you have no idea how excited I am to have this album. Seriously.

  16. Drank at huttenbar tonight with rick and mike. none of us can believe that people give a fuck about our aborted demos. rick and i would do it. i think mike would too. I like everyone in the original line up. We spent the night laughing. Andy? and the song process would be fucking lord of the rings. We can do it for free. I have words… and chords. We get along well now. But fuck,

  17. Hell, if the Police, Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr. Blind Melon, Roxette, and Alice in Chains can reunite, so can Fig Dish. Yeah, yeah, I know you already did some shows together but a new album? Well sir, that would be ace. And if you can do it for free, why not throw a TFA cover in there as well – wink wink, nudge nudge.

  18. Wow – this stuff is freakin’ awesome! The Widow Cobain is the tastiest thing I’ve heard all year. Thanks for the file hosting Chip.

    We NEED more FD Blake. You know it. It’s Epic. Make it So.

    BTW, Onan would have been covered had he fed the pony more often….

  19. Holy Shit! Christmas comes early! Thanks for making this available. and i am still holding out to see FD live! Only on track 2: Cellophane and Sulpher and hearing this makes me incredibly HAPPY!
    Rock on.

  20. With all the shit music out there now, this is a big breath of fresh air. Thanks for making this available for download. Major labels are really stupid.

  21. I’m still wondering what happened to that March 3 show too.
    To this day, I still love this band.
    Check out this video.
    At around the 7 minute mark you’ll get a good view of Fig Dish playing Magic by The Cars at some shitty club in suburban america.
    I would love to see another show. I think a Local H, TFA, Fig Dish show in Chicago this summer would be choice!

  22. Holy shit I can’t believe it took me this to stumble upon this…it took me until today to think of posting these songs somewhere, which led me here! And then to find that the people I wanted to GIVE songs TO have unearthed a 3rd FD album with 21 songs that’ve never touched my ears?! My mind is blown!

    Okay anyway, I was the dude who recorded the March Reunion show and I was thinking of only posting a song at first, but seeing as how there’s all this, I guess it’s cool. So, order up some Dr. Pepper shots, download THIS and add some Miller High Life a little later and enjoy. It ain’t always pretty at times but I like it that way, just hearing them live is awesome enough! I’m thinking of remixing it, or at least seeing what I could do to make it kick more ass than it already does.

    BLAKE: If you guys are recording new stuff for the love of GOD, PLEASE please please let me come help out, there is possibly nothing more in this world I could want, besides a Chocolate Bavarian Creme Donut right now, than to be a part of a New Fig Dish record!! I’m totally serious!, I do not give a rats ass about money or anything like that, I’d just love to help. Please email me if I can do anything to make this happen!!

    Certainly a Top Drawer night either way!

  23. Feels like winning the lottery.Downloading this and can’t wait to listen. Thanks for putting this out there. Nobody writes stuff like FD anymore. Thanks again!

  24. Chip… In Music We Trust would put out a new Fig Dish record for fucking sure! Fuck… listening to these demos now. Ah, such a shame the third record never happened.


  25. What a great band. I could never find their albums where I lived (northern Canada) but I had a song from a CMJ back in the day which I played endlessly. I have since bought their two albums and hearing “Come On, Don’t Come On” come on my Zune on shuffle made me head for the computer to find out what happened to these guys. I very happily came upon your site and found this unreleased album. Thank you very much; you have made studying for law school finals much more pleasant!

  26. Wow! Thanks for this. I had no idea this even existed. This is a band that should’ve been huge. Stupid record labels.

  27. Wow, that’s excellent! I’d forgotten about Fig Dish for years, and had just started playing “That’s what love songs often do” again this past week. This double album isn’t just more great stuff from the band, it’s a solid evolutionary step. Thanks for sharing!

  28. terrific! i love hearing demos of songs to be able to see the evolution of a song. and new demos are always a plus! great stuff.

  29. wow, like others I too lucked out and found this site. Thank you!! Have always loved Fig Dish and find myself going back to their two discs – and the the great Quiet Storm King EP – often. Anyone know where I can hear the Ms California tune? This is a great addition to my playlist! Never had the chance to see them (I live in Birmingham, AL so no luck getting to the Metro back in the day) but did catch Caviar a while back.

    Hope to hear more from Blake and the crew sometime soon!!

    Thanks again!!

  30. yah, me too. i couldn’t believe my luck when i stumbled onto this page. thanks so much for sharing and please tell the fig dish guys that we want them back. 🙂

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