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99% of the content you’ll read on AtomicNed will be music related but my obsession with LOST runs as deep as my obsession with music.

Now, while I may read some of the message boards and listen to some of the official and unofficial podcasts, I have to admit that I don’t really have a big theory about what’s going on, but I sure do like to share my opinions.

For the sake of those who either haven’t seen last night’s episode or who don’t care about LOST, I’ve saved my thoughts and opinions after the jump.


On my radar …

Army of Me – Citizen (Doghouse Records) – Don’t know much about these guys other than they toured with The Damnwells and my friend Gilly loves ’em. I wasn’t sold on the one performance of theirs that I saw, a little bit too bland for my tastes, but maybe I’ll give them another shot.

Bright Eyes – Cassadaga (Saddle Creek) – Conor’s voice usually drives me nuts to the point where I can’t listen to more than a song or two in a row, but something about this CD has captured my interest. The hints of twangy will sucker me in just about every time. Will I listen to this more than half a dozen times? I’m not sure yet.

Cloud Cult – The Meaning of 8 (Rebel Group) – Cloud Cult’s last album Advice from the Happy Hippopomatus came out of nowhere in 2005 and kicked my ass with it’s quirky-pop (ala Flaming Lips, Granddaddy) goodness. Can’t wait to hear this one.

Cocorosie – The Adventures Of Ghosthorse And Stillborn (Touch & Go) – Sure to be as strange as their previous material. The video for “Noah’s Ark” creeped me out and made me a believer at the same time.


After two albums, with a combined sales of 16,000 copies, Chicago rockers Fig Dish severed their relationship with A&M Records in 1998. The band, consisting of Blake Smith (vocals/guitar), Rick Ness (vocals/guitar), Mike Willison (bass), and Bill Swarz (drums), went back into the studio to record demos to shop to other labels. wrote a feature about Fig Dish’s departure and their subsequent record in which Smith said Fig Dish had no intention of breaking up and had recorded a double album worth of new material. Less than a year later Smith and Willison had started a new project, Caviar, while Ness started his own solo band, bringing Swarz along with him.

So whatever became of those 2 CDs worth of material Fig Dish recorded?

After being locked away in the Fig Dish vault for nearly 10 years, we’re happy to unleash the cracken and offer you the 19 track demo that Fig Dish recorded and used in an attempt to find a new label. For fun, we’ve tossed in 2 songs that were on the hard-to-find “Quiet Storm King” CD-single released in 1995, “Eyesore” and “Spit the Part”.

David Cobb, college roommate of Mike Willison, and longtime Fig Dish fan/friend/supporter dubbed this double CD, Onanism, so that’s the name we’ve given this collection of songs.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Fig Dish – Onanism

Track listing following the jump.


Why “Atomic Ned”? It really has nothing to do with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, I was more of a Jesus Jones fan in the early ’90s. No, the name came from a random nickname generator that my friend Pete sent me a link to after declaring “If you’re going to play on our softball team, you need to have a nickname.” I knew that I’d have to use the “Atomic Ned” name for something and shortly thereafter I started a blogger page named “Atomic Ned”. I met Robert Duffy of and a few months later he asked me to move my “Atomic Ned” blog to his site, which I did. Duffy did away with all of the individual columns about a year ago and that was the temporary end to “Atomic Ned”. But I decided to bring it back and blow it up and that’s why this site is called “Atomic Ned”. It really doesn’t mean anything but it’s a name that’s stuck with me for a few years and I couldn’t think of anything better!