Bob Marley’s kid to open all Van Halen dates

LiveDaily is reporting that Bob Marley’s son Ky-Mani Marley will be opening all of the upcoming Van Halen tour dates. Didn’t see that one coming and it should be interesting to hear the reasoning behind this. I suppose Marley can’t be any more of an odd choice than when I saw BTO open for Van Hagar on the 5150 tour.

To get you ready for the big show, here’s Ky-Mani Marley performing “The March” live in Chile.

YouTube Preview Image

One comment on “Bob Marley’s kid to open all Van Halen dates”

  1. Ha! I went to a few of those Van Hagar shows and remember the BTO opening.

    Another odd pairing from around the same time was Joan Jett opening for Deep Purple! The baked out Deep Purple crowd weren’t into Joan AT ALL and she only got through a few songs before she told them all to fuck off, slammed the mike stand down, and stormed offstage.

    Strange days…..

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