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Buddyhead.com’s gossip section is always a fun read and most of the time the gossip turns out to be right on the mark. The site is reporting that Billy Corgan is rounding out the Smashing Pumpkins with bassist Ginger Reyes, formerly of female pop-rockers Halo Friendlies, and guitarist Jeff Schroeder of The Lassie Foundation. Of the two, Reyes seems to be the most interesting choice as her solo work leans towards the MTV reality-show soundtrack side which doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit for the Pumpkins but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the ol’ chrome dome announces with regards to who really will be in the band when they start playing live shows. I had heard a rumor that Scott Lucas (Local H) had been asked to join the Pumpkins and was mulling the offer over but I guess that goes to show how much credibility you should put into rumors.

Not only did Curt and Cris Kirkwood play their first Meat Puppets show in years at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, but now Billboard is reporting that the brothers have finished a new record which will be released by Anodyne Records on July 17.

Tankboy points to news on the NME site that The Police are considering working on a new record once the reunion tour is wrapped up. While Tankboy’s not too excited at this prospect, I think it would be a great idea and I’d be the first in line to buy the CD. Of course, I also said I’d be the first in line to buy concert tickets should the trio ever get back together (and went so far as saying that I’d drive however far I’d have to and sell a kidney to pay for a good seat) and here I am, ticketless for the band’s upcoming tour even though they’ve got $50 tickets still available for the Cleveland date (a 2-hour drive from AtomicNed.com headquarters) on July 16.

Download Fig Dish’s previously unreleased 3rd album

After two albums, with a combined sales of 16,000 copies, Chicago rockers Fig Dish severed their relationship with A&M Records in 1998. The band, consisting of Blake Smith (vocals/guitar), Rick Ness (vocals/guitar), Mike Willison (bass), and Bill Swarz (drums), went back into the studio to record demos to shop to other labels. RollingStone.com wrote a feature about Fig Dish’s departure and their subsequent record in which Smith said Fig Dish had no intention of breaking up and had recorded a double album worth of new material. Less than a year later Smith and Willison had started a new project, Caviar, while Ness started his own solo band, bringing Swarz along with him.

So whatever became of those 2 CDs worth of material Fig Dish recorded?

After being locked away in the Fig Dish vault for nearly 10 years, we’re happy to unleash the cracken and offer you the 19 track demo that Fig Dish recorded and used in an attempt to find a new label. For fun, we’ve tossed in 2 songs that were on the hard-to-find “Quiet Storm King” CD-single released in 1995, “Eyesore” and “Spit the Part”.

David Cobb, college roommate of Mike Willison, and longtime Fig Dish fan/friend/supporter dubbed this double CD, Onanism, so that’s the name we’ve given this collection of songs.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Fig Dish – Onanism

Track listing following the jump.

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Silversun Pickups tour and late night TV info

Hard to believe that the band I saw perform on a restaurant patio last year in Austin during SXSW in front of 15 people has now sold over 110,000 copies of it’s debut full length but that’s just what the Silversun Pickups have done. And, along the way, they’ve managed to do the late night talk show circuit (Letterman, Leno, Carson Daly) and open for heavy weights such as Wolfmother and Snow Patrol.

Silversun Pickups will add the Jimmy Kimmel show to their resume when they perform several songs on his show on Tuesday, April 17 before heading off to play the mainstage at Coachella on April 27. From there the band will do a series of headlining shows as well as appearing on a few radio station-sponsored festival dates.

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Snow Patrol – Checking in with Gary Lightbody

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol twice – once over the phone, once via email – and found him to be one of the most open musicians that I’ve ever dealt with. His responses to my questions have been well thought out, informative, and often very witty. Most recently, I sent off 15 or so questions to his publicist towards the tail end of 2006. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. And when it finally seemed like the questions were lost in never never land, I get a very length reply with answers better than I could have hoped for. These questions were answered just before Snow Patrol hit the road with OKGo and Silversun Pickups (this tour wraps up in the U.S. on April 6).

Before getting to the Q&A, take a listen to Snow Patrol’s contribution to the Spiderman 3 soundtrack, “Signal Fire”. Yeah, I know, EVERY blogger and music website out there was serviced with this stream, but you might as well take a listen as you read the interview. (WindowsMedia) (Quicktime)

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Why “Atomic Ned”? It really has nothing to do with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, I was more of a Jesus Jones fan in the early ’90s. No, the name came from a random nickname generator that my friend Pete sent me a link to after declaring “If you’re going to play on our softball team, you need to have a nickname.” I knew that I’d have to use the “Atomic Ned” name for something and shortly thereafter I started a blogger page named “Atomic Ned”. I met Robert Duffy of Donewaiting.com and a few months later he asked me to move my “Atomic Ned” blog to his site, which I did. Duffy did away with all of the individual columns about a year ago and that was the temporary end to “Atomic Ned”. But I decided to bring it back and blow it up and that’s why this site is called “Atomic Ned”. It really doesn’t mean anything but it’s a name that’s stuck with me for a few years and I couldn’t think of anything better!