Soundtrack of My Life: Raechel Brown (Crocodile)

Ever hear a song that reminds you of a very specific time and/or place in your life? I asked Raechel Brown of Crocodile if there was song from her past that brought back memories. Her answer?

The Head on the Door by The Cure

Raechel Brown
Raechel Brown

Here’s what Raechel had to say:

I became a fan of the Cure when a friend and I swapped CD’s when I was 13 or 14. I am sure I gave her something completely worthless, but low and behold, I ended up with what was to be the music of my favorite band. Soon there after, I started collecting everything The Cure put out that I could get my hands on. I’m not completely sure when I picked up The Head on the Door. It was after I had fallen in love with their earlier stuff and Robert Smith’s signature mop but most especially their poppy side. Not bragging about this, because I would have loved to have seen a show during the Disintegration tour, but I was too young to discover the Cure completely chronologically like some of the old school fans I’ve seen at shows. (I was 3 when The Head on the Door was released.) I know I must have purchased it after what was a strange move from stuck-up suburbia back to the nice down home country-ish town I had grown up in known as Choctaw, Oklahoma. If I had to take a guess on when I bought it, I would say I was about 15 years old… rough times in most of our lives, yes?

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So I was at this store and I heard this song …

Ever happen to you? You’re shopping at a store, eating at a restaurant, etc. and a song is played and you’re like “I like that song, wonder who sings it?” Happened today to me at Kohl’s where I heard this song that, had I had to guess, I thought was something from the Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johannson CD. But when I got home and listened to clips from that CD on Amazon, I realized that it wasn’t the song I heard. Crap. How would I ever find out who performed the song? I Googled “Kohl’s soundtrack” and found an amazing message board – All The – where people toss out a random lyric or something about a song that they heard while shopping or eating and ask for help to identify the song.

I did just that and discovered that the song that I heard was “Cranberry Lake” as performed by Ari Heist and Amy Kuney. Interestingly enough, as I was cleaning up around my desk today, Amy Kuney’s CD was on the top of a pile of CDs that I’ve misplaced the covers for. Weird.

Free music Friday

Winter Gloves“Invisible (ease v REMIX)”
“The Art Teacher and The Little Stallion”
Jemina Pearl
“I Hate People”
Peggy Sue
“Lover Gone”
U.S.E. (United State of Electronica)
Kurt Vile
Bodega Girls
“She’s Into Black Guys”
Real Estate
“Beach Comber”
Music Go Music“Warm in the Shadows”
Screaming Females“Bell”
Boh Runga and Serj Tankian (System of a Down)“Be Careful”
Finn Riggins“Wake (Keep This Town Alive)”
The Love Language“Lalita”
Bobby Birdman “Only for a While”