Lynam – “Is This a Heartbreak or a Loaded Gun?”

Digging through the dollar bin at a CD store in Cleveland this past weekend I came across the new release (Tragic City Symphony) by Alabama rockers Lynam. Not sure how a CD that came out in mid-August already found it’s way into the dollar bin (I’m thinking it was a promo copy the store got and didn’t realize it’s value) but I gladly threw down the cash to get a listen.

This is the band’s second release and the basic formula is mixing late ’80s cock rock (Motley Crue, Poison) with new school cock rock (Hinder) with maybe a dash of Fallout Boy included. It all adds up to a CD that any Buckcherry fan should own.

The first track – “Is This a Heartbreak or a Loaded Gun?” – is an amazing track and one that I’ve listened to probably a dozen times in the 3 days that I’ve owned the CD.

New Visqueen song!

Cripes! I remember loving me some Visqueen music a few years back though I seem to have lost the CD and, truthfully, had kind of forgotten about the band before receiving a link to a brand new song from the Rachel Flotard-fronted band (where ya been, Rachel????).

Visqueen makes a triumphant return later this month (Sept.8) with the release of Message to Garcia on Flotard’s new Local 638 Records.


Here’s a preview track.

DOWNLOAD: “Hand Me Down”

Interview: Elizabeth and the Catapult

I don’t know if you’ve “made it” when your song appears on the soundtrack pumped into a fast food restaurant (in this case, Wendy’s), but it was just a few weeks ago that, while eating a Bacon and Blue burger, I heard a song I recognized.

I caught Elizabeth and the Catapult at the recommendation of their manager, Wes Kidd, whose opinions I highly value as he’s the same guy that introduced me to acts like The Damnwells and Kevin Tihista. Though it was the final night of SXSW 2009, Elizabeth and the Catapult packed the small club they were performing in and the crowd was going crazy for Elizabeth’s jazzy, quirky indie-pop songs. The band’s debut album, Taller Children, came out in June and if buy digital CDs is your thing, you can snag the release at Amazon as MP3s for a mere $5.

A month or so ago I asked Elizabeth to finish a few sentences that I started.

When I was little, I dreamt of … being a tap dancer and someday owning a Doberman pincher

My earliest memory of lip synching to a song in front of the mirror is … “Your Eyes”,  Peter Gabriel.  Loved it, still do

I realized I had musical talent when … I supposedly sang before I spoke so I suppose that’s a dead give away.

The early years of my songwriting could best be described as … hilarious

People are surprised when I tell them that that one of my biggest influences is …I definitely had a huge En Vogue phase…

I opted against performing as a solo act using my full name because … I’m in a band

The Catapult in our name refers to … whatever you want it to refer to

Wes Kidd is … Awesome

Touring for the new album … just like camp

After we had been on the road for a few days, I came to the realization that I forgot to bring … my toothpaste

The strangest thing that has happened so far on tour was … running around in a vintage pinball arcade at 9 in the morning outside of Nashville

Hands down, the best meal we’ve had on tour was … at the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh

The one show we’ve played so far that turned out to be the biggest surprise was … Atlanta had a huge supportive audience, who knew?

I can’t wait to get home because I set up my Tivo/DVR to record … Arrested Development, although that’s a lie because I download it off of iTunes in the road

I’ll never forget where I was when I heard Michael Jackson had died, I was … doing a soundcheck before a show in Boston

We cover Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” on the CD and on tour, but we’ve also covered … “Carrie” by Joni,  “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” by Tom Waits, “I think it’s Gonna Rain Today” by Randy Newman

I’d never want to front another band other than my own, but if offered a million dollar paycheck to take over lead vocals for a band, without question I’d want to sing for … hmmmm I’m stumped.

In the reviews I’ve read of the album, the strangest comparison I’ve gotten is to … a lot of Karen carpenter

Check out Elizabeth and the Catapult on the road this September and October.

9/3 Music Hall of Williamsburg  BROOKLYN, New York
9/24 T.T. The Bear’s CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts
9/25 Hudson Valley Community College TROY, New York
9/26 Iron Horse NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts
10/1 NightCat EASTON, Maryland
10/2 Tin Angel PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania
10/3 The Red and The Black WASHINGTON, District of Columbia
10/8 Thunderbird Cafe PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
10/9 Beachland Ballroom CLEVELAND, Ohio
10/10 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL
10/11 Radio Radio Indianapolis, IN
10/12 Rumba Cafe Columbus, OH
10/14 The Vernon Club Louisville, KY
10/15 Eddie’s Attic DECATUR, Georgia
10/16 The END Nashville, TN
10/18 The Rocket Club Asheville, NC
10/19 The Southern Charlottesville, VA
10/20 The Evening Muse CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
10/21 The Camel Richmond, VA
10/22 The Barns at Wolf Trap VIENNA, Virginia
10/23 The Saint Asbury Park, NJ
11/12 The Barn CLINTON, New York