So I was at this store and I heard this song …

Ever happen to you? You’re shopping at a store, eating at a restaurant, etc. and a song is played and you’re like “I like that song, wonder who sings it?” Happened today to me at Kohl’s where I heard this song that, had I had to guess, I thought was something from the Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johannson CD. But when I got home and listened to clips from that CD on Amazon, I realized that it wasn’t the song I heard. Crap. How would I ever find out who performed the song? I Googled “Kohl’s soundtrack” and found an amazing message board – All The – where people toss out a random lyric or something about a song that they heard while shopping or eating and ask for help to identify the song.

I did just that and discovered that the song that I heard was “Cranberry Lake” as performed by Ari Heist and Amy Kuney. Interestingly enough, as I was cleaning up around my desk today, Amy Kuney’s CD was on the top of a pile of CDs that I’ve misplaced the covers for. Weird.

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