Editors 2008 tour dates

 The Tripwire revealed the Editors 2008 tour plans yesterday. This should be a great triple bill as the lineup also features Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV.

01.08.08 – Fort Lauderdale, FL (Culture Room)
01.09.08 – Saint Petersburg, FL (Jannus Landing)
01.10.08 – Lake Buena Vista, FL (House of Blues)
01.11.08 – Atlanta, GA (Roxy)
01.12.08 – Nashville, TN (Wildhorse)
01.14.08 – Norfolk, VA (The Norva)
01.15.08 – Washington, DC (9:30 Club)
01.17.08 – New York (Terminal 5)
01.18.08 – Philadelphia, PA (Electric Factory)
01.19.08 – Boston, MA (Orpheum Theatre)
01.20.08 – Montreal, QC (Club Soda)
01.22.08 – Toronto, ON (Koolhaus)
01.23.08 – Columbus, OH (Newport Music Hall)
01.25.08 – Chicago, IL (Vic Theatre)
01.26.08 – Detroit, MI (Majestic Theatre)
01.27.08 – Milwaukee, WI (Pabst Theater)
01.29.08 – Madison, WI (Majestic Theatre)
01.30.08 – Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Cafe)
02.01.08 – Denver, CO (Ogden Theatre)
02.04.08 – Seattle, WA (Showbox At The Market)
02.05.08 – Vancouver, BC (Commodore Ballroom)
02.06.08 – Portland, OR (Roseland Theater)
02.08.08 – San Francisco, CA (Warfield Theatre)
02.09.08 – Los Angeles, CA (The Wiltern)
02.10.08 – Anaheim, CA (House of Blues)
02.13.08 – San Diego, CA (House of Blues)
02.14.08 – Los Vegas, NV (House of Blues)

I’m still sorting out my “Best of 2007” list but the Editors ‘An End Has a Start’ definitely has a great chance of winding up on the list (the single, ‘An End Has a Start’, is a top 10 single of 2007 as far as I’m concerned).
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RIP Kevin Dubrow

Whenever a musician unexpectedly passes away, people open up and share stories about how an album/song/concert changed their life or how the musician once signed their stuff behind a club or how they had a chance to interview the musician and how the person was totally cool and down to earth. Quiet Riot’s singer Kevin Dubrow was found dead in his Las Vegas home on November 25, the cause of death has not yet been determined though check out any heavy metal message board for speculation (drugs, heart attack, etc., etc.). I’m no different than anybody else. I never really met Dubrow in the two times that I saw Quiet Riot play but I do have two quick stories to share.

A veteran of a whopping 3 arena rock shows (Huey Lewis, Aerosmith, Ozzy), the Quiet Riot/Poison show I saw at the Cleveland Agora when QR was touring to support ‘QR III‘ (and Poison was an unknown opener) was the first “small” club show I ever attended (the Agora maybe held 1,000 people, give or take). It opened my eyes to the whole concert going experience. Never before did I think I’d be within arm’s reach of a musician I liked, especially given that my seats at the previous 3 shows I had attended were nosebleeds where even looking through binoculars didn’t help. The ‘QR III’ cassette was a favorite of mine at the time but I listened to it not so long ago and it really didn’t stand the test of time – WAY too liberal a use of keyboards, but that’s what the MTV audience wanted at the time.

Years later – many, many years later (’99?) – I caught Quiet Riot on the state fair circuit, touring with Warrant, Slaughter, and Firehouse. I was there to see Warrant but Quiet Riot really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting much but they delivered a powerful set (the same way Great White did, with little expectations, when I saw them in Cincinnati a few years ago). After the show I hung out behind the fairground amphitheater, hoping to get an autograph or two from any of the guys in Warrant. Dubrow emerged from the backstage area wearing the shortest pair of cut-off jean shorts that I had ever seen a man wear. He signed a few quick autographs and then hopped into the front of a pickup truck, sandwiched between presumably two ’80s chicks who were looking to party. As they drove off, the handful of us gathered around just laughed at Dubrow’s appearance and how sad it was that a guy who once probably took limos to aftershow parties was now sandwiched between two women well past their prime.

I was pretty excited to see Quiet Riot and Slaughter this past summer but the show was the same date as a Silversun Pickups show that I already had tickets to so I passed on the retro act in favor of a sound of the future. Not sure I made a bad decision that night, but in retrospect I probably would have gone to the QR/Slaughter bill, all things considered.

Here’s one of my favorite Quiet Riot songs, “Slick Black Cadillac”.

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Free music Friday

Long Distance Calling – “Aurora” (MP3) (post-rock instrumental music)
Bracken – “We Cut the Tapes and Scatter (Steinbeck Ultramagnetic remix by Buddy Peace)” (MP3)
Scissors for Lefty – “Ghetto Ways (Baron Von Luxxury’s Super Thanks for Asking remix)” (MP3)
Chris Walla – “Sing Again” (MP3)
Milton Mapes – Neil Young covers: “Fallen Angel” (MP3), “Words (Between the Lines of Age)” (MP3)

For the metal fan on your Christmas list: Kayser

Somehow I stumbled upon Spice and the RJ Band’s MySpace profile the other night and while digging the streaming stoner-metal tracks I clicked on the link to one of the band’s top friends, Kayser after reading the band bio which stated that singer Spice fronted both bands (he also sang on the first 3 Spiritual Beggars CDs).

While Spice’s stoner-metal stuff was really good, the Kayser stuff knocked it up a notch. There is no mystery why Kayser constantly gets compared to Slayer as evidenced by tracks like “Evolution,” “Lost in the Mind” and “Lost Cause”. I haven’t been this excited about a metal band since hearing In Flame’s ‘Come Clarity’ CD in early 2006.

While much of the band’s material on ‘Kaiserhof’ (2005) and ‘Frame the World … Put it on the Wall’ (2006) is HEAVY old school metal (ala Slayer, Pantera, Megadeth), there are some newer (melodic) elements to the sound. Check out “Good Citizen” on Kayser’s MySpace page (or download it below).

If you go through Amazon, you’ll have to pay import prices but Circuit City is selling both ‘Kaiserhof’ and ‘Frame the World … Put it on the Wall’ for $12.99. Unless you find a used copy somewhere, this is the best deal out there (and both are well worth it).

“Cheap Glue” performed live earlier this year in Austria.

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The “Good Citizen” video

YouTube Preview Image

Download: “Evolution” (MP3)
Download: “Good Citizen” (MP3)

News roundup: The Breeders, MBV, The Police, Warrant, Soulsavers

NME reports a one-off Breeders reunion gig to take place on December 4 in Chicago. My friend Fyffo once told me how he saw Kelley Deal selling homemade purses and bags at a flea market outside of Dayton.

Did you hear My Bloody Valentine is reuniting and has some gigs scheduled? (AtomicNed.com always bringing you breaking news). I was turned onto MBV by Veruca Salt who used to play MBV’s ‘Loveless’ as between-acts music while on tour. Not sure if I have much interest in seeing this live (unless of course they show up for a “secret” SXSW show in March) but I am sorta digging the alt.country take on ‘Loveless’ by Japancakes.

Andy Summers thinks the timing is right for a new Police album but it’s hard to say whether Sting and Stewart Copeland share the same sentiment. As a fan of all eras of The Police as well as most of Sting’s stuff (I’m not one of those “early Police is the only good Police” snobs), I’d welcome something new though I won’t hold my breath (then again, I said that about the chances of The Police ever reuniting).

With all the reunions I’ve witnessed in the last few years, the one that holds the most potential excitement for me is Jani Lane hooking back up with the Warrant guys. Sorry, but Jamie St. James just doesn’t do it for me as the front man for Warrant. Could a reunion be in the works? Lane says he’s burying the hatchet with his former bandmates after years of public feuding.

I’d love to write a full-on review of the new Soulsavers CD (and maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days – thanks for the CD, Steve Nice) but for the time being, if you’ve somehow managed to miss hearing the single, “Revival”, featuring Mark Lanegan, then check it out here:

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