When interviews go bad

Found this over on the Blind Melon message board. Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon is being interviewed on-air in a TV studio and doesn’t take kindly to the questions being asked. Based on things Shannon says during the interview, it sounds like the interviewer had spoken to the band before going on air, had discussed with them the questions he was going to ask, and then once the cameras went on, went with a whole new line of questioning. Now, having interviewed Shannon myself a few times and knowing him a little bit better than the average rock journalist, I know that he didn’t really like to be asked about his connection with Guns N’ Roses. Yes, Blind Melon got a break when Shannon appeared in GN’R’s “Don’t Cry” video, but Shannon wanted Blind Melon to stand on their own merits – not as “the band with the singer who was in a Guns N’ Roses video”.

If you’ve got links to other on-air videos that go bad, post ’em in the comments section.

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